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Tastebuds, Tsunamis, and the Thorough Twisting of Truth: A Recap of the Anti-RH Forum at SM Megamall (1 of 3 Parts)

This post has been updated with a video of the forum

“If one of those Freedumbers go to the Chapel to disrupt the discussion, I will knock the senses out of them and wipe off the taste of their last meal out of their taste buds!”

The Pinoy Catholic, referring to the event Women Speak Out: The Medical and Legal Truths on the RH Bill

We weren’t sure if the Freedumbers showed up that day, much less if they were attacked by some dude with a knuckle ring on one hand and a super-absorbent sponge in the other, but it was still quite a show we witnessed at the lecture Women Speak Out: The Medical and Legal Truths on the RH Bill. Held last April 30 at the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord at SM Megamall, the lecture was sponsored by the Defensores Fidei Foundation, and featured mother-daughter team Dr. Lucille Montes and Atty. Cristina Montes as speakers.

The first half of the lecture was headed by Dr. Montes, who focused on what she purports to be the medical dangers of contraception, and the bill’s supposed synonymity with enforced population reduction. The key points she raised were as follows (text in quotation marks were transcribed verbatim):

  • “The main objective of the bill is to control the population…in the guise of promoting health.”
  • “Contraceptives remove the barriers of premarital and extramarital sex.”
  • Contraceptives will “destroy the Filipino value of life.”
  • Newspapers over-dramatize the number of abortions that occur in the country.
  • Contraceptives, which aren’t 100% foolproof, give people a false sense of security, and when these people end up getting pregnant, the next step they’ll end up taking is abortion.
  • “Separating sex from procreation develops in the person an anti-life mentality.”
  • Contraceptives lead to sex-on-demand, which in turn will lead to the abuse of women.
  • (while showing graphs displaying the population growth rates of various countries, including the Philippines, Italy, and Japan, wherein the majority of the Filipino population continued to be composed of very young children through the years, while the other countries’ demographics were more evenly spread age-wise) We are lucky to have far more young people than old people, because it means there are enough Filipinos of working age who can support those who cannot or can no longer work.
  • In Japan’s case, where the elderly outnumber the young, it would be possible for those who are pro-choice to actually subscribe to the idea of killing off these elderly should matters get too desperate, since being pro-choice apparently means being anti-life.
  • (while showing the population growth rates of Japan) “Ayokong isipin pero hindi ko ma-help i-connect yung disaster sa Japan doon sa facts na ang tagal-tagal na nilang nagaabortion at may policy on population control.” (I don’t want to think about it, but I can’t help connecting the disaster in Japan with the fact that the Japanese have long been purveyors of abortion and population control.)

Dr. Montes’s “tsunami = come-uppance” bit was very harrowing to hear. Another disconcerting part of her lecture was when she voiced her relief regarding the delay tactics against RH Bill-related proceedings at the Batasang Pambansa, which basically meant that she condoned certain government officials’ outright wasting of time and tax money for their own selfish interests. The “broken air-con” issue was also thrown in for extra crazy:

  • Thanks to the “vigilance of the pro-life people,” every time the RH Bill is about to be put to a vote in the Batasan, the pro-lifers go to the Batasan to protest, in effect delaying the said voting.
  • That time when the Bill’s sessions were delayed because the Batasan’s air-conditioning went kaput was actually a good thing.
  • The anti-RH will be holding another demonstration at Batasan on May 9, when the Bill’s sessions resume.

Then, to end her half of the lecture, Dr. Montes opted for scare tactics and played a short propaganda video by the American Life League that demonized birth control advocate Margaret Sanger–a surreal and unfounded attempt to link our RH Bill issue with racism and eugenics.

Up next was Dr. Montes’s daughter Atty. Cristina Montes, who focused this time on certain legal issues regarding the Bill.

End of Part 1. Click here for Part 2. Part 3 is up. as well as video footage of the event, will be up soon.

Update: Below is our video recording of the anti RH Conference at Megamall (Part 1 of 3).

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