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Is Oscar Cruz threatening Malacanang with revolution?

“It is true that even the CBCP stands ready to call for some kind of a repeat of EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 when eventually called for – for its exasperation in the kind of programs and priorities of Malacanang?”

This is the question ex-CBCP president Oscar Cruz asks in his latest article, “What’s Going on?” Although Oscar uses a question as his title, it’s clear by reading the article that there is no doubt in his mind about what’s going on. And it’s also clear that the answer to this post’s titular question is YES.

But first, what exactly does Oscar think is going on?

First, Oscar thinks the government is anti-life — to the point of banning reproduction:

Population is the underlying cause of poverty in the Country. More human lives are thus taboo. Reduction of population at all cost is wherefore a priority.

Second, he thinks that the government is evil:

Thus: The “Reproductive Health Bill” that precisely prevents human reproduction but promotes promiscuity, and that in effect undermines women’s health by anti-life chemical in-takes – courtesy of the Multinational Pharmaceuticals whose business is the manufacture and sell of contraceptives, and whose main preoccupation is profit. Ethics have no place in their agenda. Morals are irrelevant in their options.

Third, he thinks that the government is incompetent:

Thus it is that the signs of the times under the incumbent national leadership are neither that promising, much less that optimistic – after but a few months of governance. This is one big bad news. The growing perception of an incapable if not incapacitated present government is only good for revels [sic] and separatists – but bad for citizens desirous only of the triumph of truth, the emergence of justice and reign of peace in accord with their sound and solid value system, right ethical standards and proper moral principles.

Considering the certainty with which Oscar has made these statements, it’s clear that the titular question, as well as the rest of the questions in his article, are rhetorical ones. Consider the questions in Oscar’s final paragraph:

Is it true that more and more people are dissatisfied with the nature and quality of their present government – notwithstanding all suspect surveys to the contrary?

It is true that there are already groups of people now slowly by surely preparing for mass actions when called for – despite of [sic] all denials to the contrary specially by the beneficiaries of the incumbent leadership?

It is true that even the CBCP stands ready to call for some kind of a repeat of EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 when eventually called for – for its exasperation in the kind of programs and priorities of Malacanang?

Since Oscar thinks that the government is anti-life, evil, and incompetent, it’s obvious that he would answer the first question “yes.” And it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is how he would answer the second and third questions as well. Thus, the article is a thinly veiled threat of revolution at Malacanang should it support the RH Bill.

Oscar’s pathetic attempt at denying that this is a threat only makes his true intentions even clearer:

No. It is not a threat. It is simply an invitation for collective action when needed. It is neither a foreboding design. It is merely a reminder and recourse to the sovereignty of the people when required.

But should we take Oscar’s threat seriously? Should we take anything that he says seriously? Will he ever learn the correct spelling of “rebels”? Whatever. This is just another case of an anti-choicer attempting to use misinformation and blackmail to further delay the passage of the RH Bill. That’s what’s going on.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.