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Why we keep on criticizing the Church

Some of us have already acknowledged, albeit reluctantly, that the Church’s meddling with the affairs of the State does not violate the Separation mandated by the constitution. But why do we keep on churning articles that attack the Vatican and the CBCP from all angles ranging from Humanae Vitae to the cover-up of sex scandals? That’s because we are not writing for the pope or the bishops, but for the Catholics.

The Church’s hierarchy has pronounced loud statements reaching and echoing in the halls of congress because of sheer influence, drowning out the voices of millions of women who are supposed to hold the largest interest as they are the most affected by such issues as birth control. But for all that exercise of power, the Church is exercising nothing more than freedom of speech, hence it is not only futile but outright wrong to tell them to shut up.

This perceived influence the Church tries to wield is not a direct authority over the congressmen; rather, it is an indirect influence through the Church’s flock of believers who happen to be the same people comprising the majority of the voters. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be.

The Church’s influence lies on the Catholics. It’s the people who has the real power. But such power has to be unified and controlled in order to use it effectively, and for quite some the Church had been very effective in doing that, claiming not only infallibility but the authority to send dissenters to Hell.

But now the minds of Filipinos are beginning to awaken and starting to question such authority. And lest these questions are trampled by the threat of eternal fire, we at Filipino Freethinkers try to bring that threat into open scrutiny, shed light into its mysteries, and expose the faulty if not nonexistent foundation for its claims of authority.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.