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RH Cost to Taxpayers: P400 million

After emotions have sizzled down a bit from all the excitement about excommunication and Damaso, one sobers up to the proposed budget for family planning: P280 million for pills, P100 million for injectibles, and P8 million for condoms for a total of P400 million.

That’s a lot of taxpayers’ money for a cash-strapped third world country. From a taxpayer’s point of view, that money could be better spent somewhere else, like better security and defense. Why should one subsidize for those who have no knowledge of or access to family planning methods?

Why indeed. I posted the question in the FF Forum and got some very interesting answers:

Extensive RH education and contraceptives program = less unwanted children = less abandoned kids on the streets. The way I see it, that translates to a lowered crime rate that makes it far less likely that I’ll be robbed of my hard-earned cash.

Conversely, families can potentially put more resources into raising the kids they already have, ensuring a more secure future for them. This will eventually result in a better educated workforce that you can eventually hire, which equals more profits in the long run. – Twin-Skies

the RH is in effect, a long-term strategy of minimizing offsprings that cannot be cared for responsibly by parents who have little to no resources to raise them properly. When you see the numbers of street kids and unemployable (due to no schooling and training) people do down compared to a No-RH scenario, it would pay for itself by putting less strain on the urban infrastructure.

Every tambay-sa-kalye that produces no discernible productive contribution to society who just spend their day as street vagrants still has to eat, drink and shit, and they will leech out of the system any way they can, by begging, stealing, or waiting for dole-outs. They will throw their trash anywhere they can, clogging waterways and costing taxpayers to dredge the trash, they will tap utilities and steal electricity and water, raising our monthly bills to cover for pilferage, every less unplanned pregnancy is one less squatter that the government has to pay to move out, has to bribe during election time using funds from public treasuries…

Total everything up, and you’ll probably end up with net savings… – Monk

Well, the reasoning sounds solid, at least to me. It would be interesting to hear from others why it isn’t. 🙂

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Thanks to Twin-Skies and Monk for the replies, and thanks to the FF Forum where people are ready and willing to give you honest answers and rational arguments as best they can. I would like to invite our readers to visit our online forum where freethinkers discuss various issues and topics ranging from the RH Bill to physics and cosmology to evolution to the existence of God. Debate, argue, or just lurk in the threads (which means you don’t even have to log in) and see how people try to sharpen their reasoning and learn to swallow their pride, all in the pursuit of truth.

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