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How to Celebrate Halloween the Christian Way

In an effort to put the “Saint” back in “All Saint’s Day”, here's a list of helpful suggestions on how to emulate your favorite Catholic Saint to really get in the spirit of All Saint’s Day.

Beauty and Belief

In the aftermath of the 2011 Miss Universe, the most oft-discussed question in the internet is: Did Shamcey’s “Love My God” answer cost her the crown?

Censorship: Why Should You Care?

If you're not the artsy-fartsy type who goes to art museums and discusses the merits of an artist’s work all day, why should the CCP vs.CBCP battle even matter? Here's why.

Bastos is in the Eye of the Beholder

It has often been said that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” that is, the things we see around us are interpreted by differently from viewer to viewer. But what about the flip-side? Is the “profane” just as subjective as the “pleasing”?

The Top 10 List – Tips on Writing the Perfect “Non-Apology” Apology Letter

A public apology can make or break public sentiments towards well known public figures, be they philandering spouses caught with their pants down, corrupt officials caught with their hands in the cookie jar, or like in recent news… sneaky little clerics asking for special gifts from the President. An apology can elicit sympathy… or expose you for the creepy little rat that you are. Thus, scripting the perfect apology letter has become something of an art-form.

Disturbing Realities

Since it’s April Fools, let’s talk about pranks… Last week, a scandal erupted in the local Internet scene as a malicious prank...

Toughest Place to Be

Two different people, two different lives in two different parts of the world… but having the same job and same family background. Yet for all the similarities their lives may have, these two people are about to realize just how different a hand fate has dealt them. This is part of BBC's "Toughest Place to Be" series...

Earth Hour 2011: "Shocking" Facts and Figures

This coming weekend marks the annual Earth Hour awareness campaign. Its that time of the year again when we're reminded of the growing toll our energy expenditure takes on the planet. But energy conservation isn't just for tree-hugging environmentalists and people who just want to jump in the conservation bandwagon because it’s the "in" thing. Far from it, energy conservation should be on every Filipino's minds because it not only impacts our planet, but our wallets as well. Here are some "shocking" figures to help you do your part...

Review: Next to Normal

Next to Normal is the Tony-Award winning stage musical about a family trying to cope with the ups and downs of having a loved one in the throes of mental illness. It mixes equal parts of pathos and dark comedy to narrate the tragedy of losing someone you love little by little until the familiar is all but replaced by the unrecognizable.

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