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The Creationist in a Cassock

This is dedicated to Carlos Celdran. For taking a stand against the CBCP, he was charged with “notoriously offending religious feelings.”

A creationist dressed as a priest entered a science conference on natural selection.

While an evolutionist was discussing his latest discovery, the creationist walked to the front of the stage, carrying a huge illustration board. The creationist faced the audience and held the board high above his head, revealing the name written on it: D A R W I N.

The evolutionist stopped talking. The audience fell silent.

“Darwin!” the creationist suddenly cried with indignation. “Darwin!”

Eyes opened. Mouths gaped.

The audience was starting to murmur when the creationist cried: “The world was created in six days! Stop contradicting Christian beliefs! Separate science from religion!”

A security guard approached the creationist and escorted him out of the conference room. He was banned from participating in the conference any further.

Some blogged about the creationist’s protest, but it never made the news.

The conference organizers thought about filing a case against the creationist. Unfortunately, it’s not illegal to notoriously offend scientific beliefs or rational thinking.

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