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FF Top Ten: August 1, 2010

Greetings stranger, and welcome to another round of the Filipino Freethinkers Blog’s weekly news updates

Among the hot items of this week include a special report on one of the female casualties of the Taliban’s brutality. It’s a very moving read, though I do warn the readers that the link contains some rather shocking pictures. It will haunt you for weeks.

In local news, we’ve got the local gov’t getting a thorough bollocking for their inability to curb the trend of deaths related to illegal abortions. Here is a little trivia to the pro-lifers out there: How the hell do you promote a society that has less abortions when you’re railroading the very measures meant to prevent such abortions from happening in the first place?

Moving on to something lighter (and downright silly), we’ve also got Iranian president Mahmoud picking a fight with his latest victim…Paul the Octopus. Yes, the same Paul that predicted Spain’s string of victories in this year’s World Cup. Apparently, Mahmoud is upset that something that belongs on a sushi bar is getting more respect from the world than he is. Stay classy, Mahmoud!

Another science topic for this week’s news thread is a humorous deconstruction of Edward Cullen of Twilight. The basic premise of the article is that Edward’s not really a vampire, but something else entirely. A word to the author: I hate to break it to you, but most of the world already knew that Edward wasn’t a vampire well before you published your painstaking research:

But still, kudos to providing some solid science to our theory. In other news, there’s also the matter of the recently concluded repairs to the International Space Station, and the third article from Greta Christina dissing how current stereotypes of men are damaging to both males and females.

That’s the short on this week’s hot items. If you find anything of interest, be sure to drop by the News Thread to drop us a link!


Reproductive Rights groups disses RP gov’t for medieval anti-abortion laws. (via PDI) Link

Conclusive proof that the Taliban deserves an Exterminatus (via TIME) Link

Five Stupid, Unfair and Sexist Things Expected of Men…as told by a feminist (via AlterNet) Link

I knew it – Edward Cullen is not a vampire (via Crossed Genres) Link

Big Brother is watching you via Facebook. Remember to friend them. (via Gizmodo) Link

A little something for the Star Wars fans: Imagine Stallone as Han Solo. No, really. (via Yahoo News) Link

Gamma rays kill the green. Hulk, Dr. Banner disappointed. (via Wired) Link

Cerebral palsy victim goes to Lourdes for miracle cure, goes home with not-so-miraculous broken legs (via Telegraph UK) Link

First it was Israel, and then the Holocaust. Now, Mahmoud sets his sights on his toughest opponent yet: Paul the Octopus (via Telegraph) Link

Is it hot in here or is it just me? ISS undergoes cooling system repairs
(via Yahoo News) Link

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