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FF Top Ten: July 18, 2010

The past few weeks have been rather hectic for me lately, and it’s admittedly a bit tough trying to keep the News posts updated.

In any case, be sure to visit the News Thread at the forums!


God and the Pope under Attack (Part 1) (via PDI) Link

Irony: HIV-resistant antibodies found in gay man (via Wall Street Journal) Link

Britain to pay 20 million quid for Papal visit (The Independent) Link

B-movie goodness: The Sharktopus trailer (via The Hollywood Reporter) Link

Parents and sex education (via PDI) Link

Vatican: Women priests = Child rape = Logic FAIL (via Link

Same-sex marriage passes in Argentina (via Joe.My.God) Link

Senate allows one more Space Shuttle flight (via Popular Science) Link

Scientists develop Malaria-free mosquito (via Popular Science) Link

Get your copy now: The Periodic Table of Irrational Nonsense (via Crispian Jago) Link

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