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FF Top Ten: June 2, 2010

Suffice to say that the recent Saturday meet was a success. While a couple of the regular guys didn’t make it, it was overwhelming to see so many new faces. Our small community is definitely growing, and if you happen to be reading this news update as a newcomer to the Filipino Freethinkers blog, welcome aboard!

This time around, I’ll be toning down the usual politics and religion news for some other truly bizarre, and utterly nerdgastic tidbits. For one, there’s an article on a War Machine cosplayer whose costume is actually made of stainless steel components, features a fully functional (BB) minigun, and a motorized visor and working LEDs. There’s also the working hover board replica for the Back to the Future fans (that includes me), but why spoil the fun – you can visit the links for the full details.

In more serious news, you’ve all probably heard of the giant sinkhole that has appeared in Guatemala City as a result of the tropical storms that have drenched the region:

For all the destruction that nature can rend to cities, it’s amazing how we can find beauty in the most unlikely of places. In this case, the birds-eye view of this sinkhole is leaves me in awe. And a bit worried mind you, because as any Marvel fan will tell you, stuff like this only happens when some really crazy stuff is about to happen, of the world-destroying sort.

In any case, enjoy this week’s updates, and be sure to post any new stuff you encounter over at the News Thread!


Giant sinkhole appears in Guatemala City – Silver Surfer unavailable for comment (via New York Times) Link

Maldives citizen may be sentenced to death for leaving Islam (via Minivan News) Link

Vatican invites atheists to open dialogue…unless their name happens to be Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens (via The Independent) Link

CBCP vs, Sex education, round two (via Philippine Star) Link

Fordham University: Another reason to think Jesuits are awesome (via Fordham Observer) Link

Living in denial: Why sensible people reject the truth (via New Scientist) Link

Anti-vaccine doctor struck off UK medical register (via BBC) Link

He may be a cosplaying geek, but he’s a cosplaying geek…with a minigun (via Popular Science) Link

Not what you think it means: Hippo licking the crocodile (via Nat Geo Kids) Link

And you thought the wakeboard was and accident waiting to happen (via Popular Science) Link

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