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FF Top Ten: April 25, 2010

To say that it’s been a hot, sweaty week is an understatement – PAGASA has already announced that Manila has experienced two of its hottest days in the year last week, on Tuesday and Thursday respectively. Make sure to drink your fluids folks.

Speaking of heat, the blogosphere has caught wind of a recent article film critic Roger Ebert has leveled against video games. The short version is that he does not see video games as ever becoming an art form.

As much as I like his well-written reviews, I must respectfully disagree with Ebert on this note. As a video gamer, I have met my share of truly engrossing titles that not only perked my imagination, but have also left me walking away with profound thoughts and perspectives on how I see the world.

Among other titles, Bioshock was an interesting take on one developer’s reinterpretation of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, while my romp through Fallout 3’s nuclear wasteland took me through an amusing tour of caricatures sentiments of Cold War America. In short, games for me are a just as much social commentary or a reflection of society at large as any portrait, picture, or novel.

Besides, haven’t we already seen this argument being raised against comic books and cartoons before (I’m against those arguments too given I’m a moderate otaku)?

Of course I think that it’s simply a matter of Ebert not having discovered the more profound titles in the industry, such as Heavy Rain and the like, and hence he might be speaking out of a genuine lack of understanding for video games, and not out of malice.

Moving on, make sure to visit the News thread if you find any other interesting news bits you’d like to share with the community. On a parting note, kudos to Shepard for that article on heaven – ‘twas a good read!


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