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FF Top Ten: April 18, 2010

A lot of science fiction fans here wish for the privilege of meeting a real extraterrestrial at least once in their lives Here’s a pop quiz though – would you know what to do when that happens? Fortunately for you guys, we’ve found a guide on what and what not to do on your first contact.

This guide can mean the difference between you becoming our very first ambassador to some star league light years away, or having the said star league having earth atomized due to some unfortunate failure to communication. And you better read up quick – Obama’s set 2030 as the year for NASA to cobble together a manned trip to Mars.

Seriously - don't piss off the Martian

In other news, Ang Ladlad has been recognized as an official partylist in time for the May 10 elections, Europe’s airlines is still feeling the brunt of the eruptions from Iceland’s volcano, and Christian conservatives are giving Twilight the Harry Potter treatment.

They’re dissing the vampire novel series for sending the wrong messages to teens about matters of romance, love, and vampires. Wow, the FF and fundies having something we unanimously agree on. In other news, hell froze over.

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Mars or Bust: Obama announces new policies for NASA (via Discover Magazine) Link

What to do if you’re the first human to ever make contact with aliens (via io9) Link

They’re here, and they’re queer, so get used to it: Ang Ladlad now in May 10 elections (via Danton Remoto 2010) Link

Irony: Iceland, a country touted for clean energy, emits enough smoke and ash to halt all of Europe’s air traffic. (via Yahoo news) Link

Better late than never, I guess: Pope says church will better protect young (via The Philippine Star) Link

Parents and teachers blast Twilight series (via Yahoo news) Link

Judge declares National Day of Prayer unconstitutional
(via Gawker) Link

Here’s an idea to promote free thought and literature: Trade in your bible for other works of fiction! (via Purdue Non-Theists Society) Link

Video: Michael Specter on the danger of science denial (via Youtube) Link

Schadenfreude: German court finds bishop guilty of Holocaust denial (via Salon) Link

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