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FF Top Ten: April 11, 2010

There’s enough hate and WTF news going around for this week, so let’s start things off on a more positive note. Among the news items for last week include the case of Minnie Aveline Posadas Juan, a young lady who managed graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education with a 96.32 percent GPA.

While that’s impressive, this story is made truly awesome when you consider Minnie’s handicap – she’s been blind since she was three. While she does mention God as a source of inspiration in her grad speech (and you guys know how I feel about such things), that does not deny the well of inner strength and courage Minnie found in herself to achieve hergoals, despite such overwhelming odds.

Lady, you have guts. Don’t ever let anybody tell you otherwise.

In the meantime, make sure that you send in any news bits you find interesting over at the forums’ News Thread.

*UPDATE Overlord Dawkins has recently clarified that he has not said he will personally arrest the Pope. Dawkins clarifies that he had stated that he was behind the initiative by “Geoffrey Robertson and Mark Stephens to mount a legal challenge to the Pope’s proposed visit to Britain.”

More details at Dawkins’ official site

Creds go to reader Carl for informing me of the update. Thanks again dude!


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