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FF Top Ten: March 31, 2010

The Sex Scandal is front and center of faith-related news this Holy Week as people come to grips about the extent of the crimes and the role of the Church in covering it up. Below are several op-ed pieces analyzing the issue, discussing who is to blame, the role of the Church structure and how it enabled the crimes to be left unresolved, and a criticism of public and atheist reactions to the news.

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Op-ed piece on the sex scandals – who is to blame? A call for contrition (via NY Times) link

Analysis on the Catholic Church bureaucracy and how its structure is affecting its response to current crises (via The Guardian) link

“The reaction to the pedophile priest scandal is as guilty of scaremongering, illiberalism and elitism as the Catholic Church has ever been.” – An eyebrow-raising opinion piece which chastises “the cult of victimhood” and “new atheism”.  DON’T BE VICTIMS PPL. IF YOU WERE A SEXUALLY ABUSED BOY, STFU AND LEAVE THE CHURCH ALONE. YOUR ALLEGATIONS ARE EXAGGERATED. (via Spiked!) link

Christian militia group leader arrested for a plot to kill a police officer and bomb his funeral procession (via Chicago Breaking News) link

Read about Christopher Hitchens’ early sex life, if you’re interested (via Gawker) link

Sinead O Conner talks about her history of abuse and her feelings about the Catholic Church (via Washington Post) link

Belgium bans the burqua (via The Guardian) link

April is Pray for an Atheist Month!!!! (via link

Kentucky church claims that the Pope should not be required to testify because he is a head of state. (via Portland Humanist Examiner) link

Bishops in Britain cry Discrimination! (via The Telegraph) link

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