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FF Top Ten: March 27, 2010

Hello, and welcome to the Sunday segment of Filipino Freethinker’s bi-weekly Top Ten news. We’ll be taking a short break from the Vatican’s slew of sex scandals to take a gander at other relevant news from the past few days, starting with a jarring article on the plight of Ethiopia’s women.

When a society promotes forced rape, it makes you wonder at just where government should draw the line on respecting cultural and religious boundaries in order to truly serve the interests of its people.

On a more positive note, Youtube’s Thunderf00t has recently posted a new video, and there non-belief related news brewing over in Copenhagen.

But don’t let me spoil the surprise – Check out the links, and remember to submit your favorite snippets of the week over at the Filipino Freethinkers forum’s News Thread!


How NOT to promote LGBT rights: Ticked Off Trannies with Knives (Via Pam’s House Blend) Link

IslamOnline staff strike over editorial independence (via Telegraph) Link

Kidnapped, Raped, Married: The Inspiring Rebellion of Ethiopia’s Abducted Brides (via Johann Hari) Link

Catholic Church apparently okay with pedophilia among priesthood, but draws line at pro-gay outreach program for the homeless (via The Portland Press Herald) Link

More of Thunderf00t’s sexy British accent: Was God a Volcano? (via Youtube) Link

Greta Christina’s letter to the theists: Thanks for the advise, but… (via Greta Christina’s Blog) Link

Copenhagen’s heathens get the gift of awesome this June… (via Atheist Convention) Link

Activist Aikido: Using the Westboro Baptist Church to support human rights (via Youtube) Link

Tim Tebow asks entire team to pray, gets 4chan treatment (via NBC Sports) Link

The real face of Jesus in 3D…and no, it’s not on a potato chip (via New York Post) Link

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