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FF Top Ten: March 7, 2010

Today’s news links seem par for the course – we’ve all discussed this before, right? Nevertheless, there is some comfort in knowing that some things can be relied on in this effed up world of ours.  Submit your links in The News Thread or the comments.


Bishops endorse the JC de los Reyes (via link

Bishops’ endorsement of a presidential bet cause colleagues’ concern (via link

Catholic school in Colorado boots student with gay parents (via AP) link

Jews, Muslims worry body scanners violate their religion (via The Salt Lake Tribune) link

Films with faith-based themes big at Oscars in 2010 (via link

Atheists, agnostics put ads in buses in Detroit (via link

Darwin foes add global warming to targets (via link

Learning from the Sin of Sodom (special mention to World Vision) (via link

Papal aide linked to Vatican gay prostitution ring (submitted by Lawrence Salmingo and The Skyline Bugoy, via Irish Times) link

‘Idol’ finalist Jermaine Sellers: “It wasn’t in God’s will” (via USA Today) link

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