Pinoys Await Results of America’s Next Top Singer Ethnicity Test

Manila, Philippines -- After the heartbreaking loss of Jessica Sanchez to another white guy with guitar in American Idol, proud Pinoys...

Lady Gaga Concert Ends in Flames, Fans Sink Further into Moral Decadence

MANILA, Philippines--The fire was over, but the worst was yet to come. After putting out the last of the flames, firemen...

God: I am on Raymart Santiago’s Side

Raymart Santiago, together with Claudine Barreto, close friends, and family, called a press conference yesterday to present undeniable proof of their...

Catholic Revolution Against Prejudice (CRAP) Supports Miriam Quiambao

Miriam Quiambao offended many LGBT individuals with her allegedly homophobic statements at a recent episode of Bottomline. She later apologized through...

In Their Hearts: Bishop Bacani and the Secret Religiosity of Secular Individuals

I've been outed. In a recent interview, Bishop Bacani revealed the truth that although I identify as an atheist, I actually believe in God.

Satire and Straw Man: Truth and Fallacy in RH Discourse

While satire reveals truths about its target, straw man arguments say less about the target and more about its author. Are the anti-RH so helpless in the face of the real pro-RH position that they're left grasping at straws?

CBCP trademarks the term “Catholic”

Manila, Philippines -- In response to the existence of Catholics™ for RH (C4RH), the Catholic™ Bishops Conference of the Philippines have...

Pope updates stance on secularism with new catechism

To adapt to the varying needs of Catholics all over the world, Pope Benedict XVI has revised the Vatican's position on secularism, releasing his latest catechism, Contextual Secularism in a Changing World.

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