Plagiarism and the RH Proxy War

That RH opponents rallied to defend an obvious and inexcusable transgression betrays their true intention of making Sotto's plagiarism case a proxy war on the RH bill.

Holding Sotto Accountable for Plagiarism is Not a Distraction

Calling out Sotto on plagiarism is not a distraction from the RH Bill discussion because there’s no RH Bill discussion to distract from. The debates are over.

Bad Father or Evil Politician: Did Sotto lie about his son’s death?

Despite his patent lies and his staff's excuses, Sotto's plagiarism  is now an established fact. They have even changed their defense...

Senator Tito Sotto: Dishonest, Deceptive, and Intellectually Lazy (Part 1)

According to one of the greatest senators of our republic, the “Filipino people are worth dying for”, aren’t they worth properly citing, reliably researching, and thoroughly analysing for?

Timeline of Senator Sotto’s Alleged Plagiarism (Updated September 7)

The following is a timeline (a web log, if you will) of the events on Sotto’s apparent plagiarism. Updated as of September 7, 7:20 AM (added the accusation from Feminists for Choice blogger of plagiarism against Sotto)

Poisoning the Well

With the recent embarrasment brought about by one of our articles, I sometimes wish that the Filipino Freethinkers had a formal organizational and editorial structure where we could actually sanction erring members and take down their articles. But the FF is not a formal organization, and the fact that most of our readers – and critics – believe otherwise does not change this.

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