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[ONLINE] Meetup – 18 July 2020

Filipino Freethinkers Meetup 3pm (Manila Time) - Saturday 18 July 2020

FF Podcast 64: Google Ranks Truthiness

Google is coming out with an algorithm that ranks truthfulness in articles, worrying some alt-med practitioners and conservatives.

PNP Starts Damage Control by Denying Official Connection to FB Page

UPDATE (10/4/12) : The following image is a screenshot from the Google Web Cache of another Facebook Page named PNP National Hotlines Directory...

PNP FB Admin First to Abuse Cybercrime Law

UPDATE (10/1/12 9:42 PM): More updates on PNP's damage control. UPDATE (10/1/12 7:15PM): A press statement in this PNP PIO account denies...

Our Government was Hacked: Cyber Martial Law and the Sottovirus

The true test of any system is its ability to respond to problems. A system can work most of the time,...

On the Cybercrime Law: How Sotto Violated the Democratic Process to Violate Our Democratic Freedoms

When Senator Sotto plagiarized Sarah Pope in his recent turno en contra speech, it wasn't discovered by traditional media. Sotto's plagiarism...

Are We Free to Believe?

Freedom of thought is essential to a free society and orthodox Christianity is plainly incompatible with this principle. Let us discuss, however, whether a society can actually have “freedom of belief.”

This Government is Brought to You by Catholicism

How much would it cost to advertise in government? The question is rhetorical, of course, because such a thing is not allowed, but just imagine for a moment that it were. What publicity a brand could gain from a single event!

Join Our “What Would Jesus Do?!?!?!?” Cosplay Contest!

Dress up as Jesus doing something batshit blasphemous, and be in the running for awesome prizes!

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