Who is the Philippines’s Biggest Bigot? Cast Your Vote!

For the 3rd Filipino Freethinkers Forum this coming April 1, we will be handing out the 2012 Biggest Bigot Award to the person YOU think has worked hardest at being a close-minded douchebag.

Filipino Freethinkers Bag Top Social Media Award

Philippine freethought organization Filipino Freethinkers won in “The One” category at the local T@tt Awards, the first social media-themed tilt of its kind in the country.

Vote for the Filipino Freethinkers at the Globe Tatt Awards!

The winner of each category will get a staggering Php100,000. If the Freethinkers bag the 2 categories they were nominated for, that's Php200,000 that will go to furthering reason, science, and secularism to vastly improve every Filipino's quality of life. That's a LOT of bishop costumes, guys.

On Being Finalists At The Philippine Blog Awards

With much regret, we sadly inform you that Filipino Freethinkers failed to get the 2009 Philippine Blog Award for the Advocacy...

Our Website Wins an Award

Another in the better-late-than-never series, won the Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 152) from the Composed Gentleman. To our...

FilipinoFreethinkers.Org for Filipino Blog of the Week Award

I'm not really sure how this happened, but FilipinoFreethinkers.Org has been nominated for a Filipino Blog of the Week Award! So if...

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