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FF Podcast (Audio): Crazy Rich Asians [2019.01.21]

New podcast! The no-spoiler grace period for Crazy Rich Asians has certainly passed, so here's our take on it.

In Defense Of Nadine Lustre And Cohabitation: A Response To Anna Cosio

Yesterday, I stumbled upon an article by Anna Cosio claiming that cohabitation is Bad For You, and chastising Nadine Lustre for...

FF Podcast 61: Don’t Criticize the Pope!

This week, we talk about an incident involving a Pope Summer Slam parody. Then, we talk about whether Filipinos respect the right to free speech in this country.

Atheist Confession: “I like Pope Francis.”

I'm going to say something many of my fellow secularism advocates would probably not appreciate: I like Pope Francis. Why? I like Pope...

“Nothing” Will Make You Happy

I live from paycheck-to-paycheck. I don't make a lot of money. I don't own a lot of useful things - mostly...

Quick, Delete Your Hentai!

"Oh no! My childhood is ruined!" I never could relate with people who claim that they've been robbed of something precious...

FF Podcast 55 (Audio): Christian Bale Says Moses Was a Barbarian

FF Podcast 55 - Christian Bale Says Moses Was a Barbarian

There's a new bible story film adaptation. Will you see it? This week, we talk about Christian Bale calling Moses, his character in Exodus: Gods and Kings, a schizophrenic and a barbarian.

The Ugly Reality of Transphobia in the Philippines

Jennifer Laude was found dead in the bathroom. She was slumped on the toiled seat, peppered with black and blue bruises....

Entitlement: Creating Killers and Divas One Spoiled Brat at a Time

The site Jezebel reports that a week ago, a man has slashed a woman's neck after she refused to talk to...

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