Sen. Sotto Turns Personal Tragedy Into Fair Game

Image credits: Joseph Vidal, Philippine Daily Inquirer

I’m sorry to hear about Sen. Tito Sotto’s son.

Unfortunately, Sen. Sotto himself turned his own personal tragedy into fair game. He did so by putting it up to public debate, when he used his son’s death as an example for his plagiarized argument on the health hazards of contraceptives, which his wife allegedly used but still got pregnant. And when he was challenged by former Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral to produce the death certificate showing the cause of death, Sotto described her as “callous and insensitive” and even said that he is “ready to declare war.”

Well, Mr. Sotto brought this war upon himself and his family. For no matter how tragic it is to lose his son, such tragedy could easily be matched by the tragedies of the children, husbands, and parents of the 11 mothers who die every day due to maternal complications, the same mothers whose names and death certificates Sotto laughingly asked for, and who could have been saved had they received proper information and assistance for which the RH bill seeks to provide.

Senator Sotto, I really am sorry about your son Vincent Paul. But please understand that just because it was something so tragic doesn’t mean that it is no longer subject for verification, if you use it as evidence in the hottest debate happening in our country today. Even dogma deemed infallible by the Roman Catholic Church isn’t above scrutiny in our pluralistic society, so how could you even expect the circumstances of your son’s death to be treated as sacrosanct in an issue where others’ lives are at stake?

Again, I am sorry Mister Senator, and I hope that we can begin the difficult process of healing our country. No matter how much you deny the statements of the World Health Organization and our Department of Health only to copy from the article of a single blogger, the RH bill seeks to save lives, and while it’s definitely too much to ask for you to vote for it, at least don’t try to delay the voting.

At least don’t try to delay our efforts to save our dying mothers.


  1. Greetings, all. It is completely within Sotto’s character to pull out all the stops, just to pimp himself out to the masses for popularity and to secure future support. As far as Sotto is concerned, the issue he chooses, and its potential cost to his character are irrelevant considerations. The issues can even be completely farcical, as you all are aware. As long as the media swarms him and he suddenly has the attention of the masses, then it’s a job well done.

    Regarding his personal tragedy, instead of contraceptives being the actual cause of his unborn child’s death, i would like to throw out a few more practical possibilities of what actually happened-

    – it was due to another myriad childbirth complications, other than contraceptives

    – Sotto merely created the story that the pregnancy occurred while his wife was on contraceptives just to gain sympathy and back his cause

    – his wife was actually supposed to be on birth control at the time, but screwed up somehow by not taking it regularly

    – his wife just said she was on birth control but secretly wanted a child so didn’t take it the whole time

    Point here is that his child dying from the effects of birth control would be last on my list of suspicions. 🙂

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