President Aquino to Endorse RH Bill as a Priority Measure reports that President Noynoy Aquino will endorse the consolidated reproductive health bill to the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) as a priority legislative measure.

President Aquino at the previous LEDAC meeting

Malacañang spokesperson Edwin Lacierda said that the Palace does not have its own version of the bill but that they “will propose amendments.” One of these proposed amendments will be that the age-appropriate RH age education should be moved from Grade 4 to Grade 5. Despite this, Lacierda said that “essentially the entire bill is okay.” The RH Bill will be among 13 priority measures, which also includes a much-needed expansion of the Department of Science and Technology’s scholarship program. The priority measures will jump to the front of the line and the legislative process of their passing into law will be advanced. Of notable absence is the Freedom of Information bill. The Palace reports that there are still “several concerns” regarding their version of the bill. — Image from


  1. TV5 showed an RH debate last August 21. never heard about it. apparently all AntiRH are raving a landslide victory. 100% of the audience voted against it so i've heard.

    despite SWS surveys showing 82% in favor. owning them in ABC-CBN and GMA, Facebook and other online surveys. Apparently if they want to win, all they have to do is make a survey/debate without letting anyone else know about it. and selectively invite the audience.

    • GADEL, thank you for showing us the quickest way to piss off every woman in the room – by blatantly telling them you'd rather see them suffer rather than let them make a decision regarding their own body.

        • And you're fine with forcing a woman to give birth to a child that she may not be financially or emotionally prepared to carry to term?

          And btw, quote-mining people doesn't make you any smarter. It just makes you a precocious moron. Especially when you quote a man whose silence on the issue of AIDs got several hundred thousand of his fellow countrymen killed.

          //Please read Fruit of the Womb: Feminism and Abortion// I have a better idea. Why don't we take you away from your delusion, and give you a whiff of reality, old chap?

          //(Oh probably you don't believe in God?) // Whether I believe in God or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is when god-bothering prats like yourself claim to speak for god in a vain attempt to candy-coat your contempt for women and your ignorance.

        • If you're going to be commenting on the political issues of another country, it would be best to first read up on the issue being discussed instead of making up imaginary accusations. The Bill in question has provisions for contraceptives, not abortion.

          Thor bless you (Oh you probably don't believe in Thor?) 🙂

    • wow that's your real mug. gods must have a sense of humor.

      your blog shows women who are against abortion not contraception. way off topic.
      nothing about pills, condoms or iuds. nice attempt to throw-off people by claiming the RH bill is about abortion. just like those nutbars at the cbcp and filipinosforlife.

      now go home and wank yourself. oh wait you cant wank that would be uncatholic and you'll be murdering millions of sperm which can all potentially be a human being as stated in the bible. GOD SAVE THE SPERM!
      <a href="” target=”_blank”>

      what are you doing all the way here? ghana has more problems than the philippines
      you should be proud to uphold your faith and let many women die anyway. I'm sure god is proud that you would rather have them lose their lives.

      stupid double post. would the admin kindly clean. thanks!

      • Awww, I got curious and checked out

        Lots pics and some vids against the RH Bill.

        Then I saw this line somewhere:

        “They emphasized the people’s “right to know the truth…about Christ,””

        Okay, people also have the right to know other truths.

        It’s a truth that the RH Bill is NOT legalizing abortion, only support for women who went through abortion.

        It’s a truth that the RH Bill is not trying to limit the size of the population, only trying to limit the rate of population growth to a sustainable rate.

        I’m annoyed with these Catholic Conservatives, they see one thing, cry out about the same thing over and over and never bother to see the big picture.

        It’s true what a friend of mine said once: “Catholics attempt to unify peoples under a single church. Unfortunately, they focus so much on the word ‘under’ instead of unify.”

    • Mr. Gadel, your fellow countryman and church member is making monkey business in our country! Please tell him to go back home because we already have plenty of crooked christians here.

      Everyone is talking about it because its on TV and newspapers

      Ghana church minister nabbed for swindling:
      MANILA, Philippines – A Ghanaian church minister was arrested in an entrapment in Caloocan City Monday afternoon for allegedly swindling fellow Africans who wished to travel to other countries.

      • Oh so you are now fishing for Ghanaians who’ve than this or that in your country? Is that you best shot? I could equally come out with a lot of NOT-SO-NICE-AND-REASONABLE things Filipinos have done here in Ghana but I think I’m more MATURED than kid stuffs you present. Thank you.

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