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Contact Your Congressman before August 7 and Get the RH Bill Passed

On August 7, 2012, our House of Representatives (HoR) will take a vote on whether to end the period of debates for the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. When the debate period ends, the bill can progress towards the period of amendments and be a hair’s width away from being passed into law. This will be the farthest the bill has ever gotten in 14 long and tedious years. This is our last and most crucial opportunity to end the anti-RH camp’s campaign of outright bullying, needless delaying, and gross misinformation.

It is incredibly important that your Congressman attend the HoR session on August 7 and vote “yes” to end the period of debates. The fate of the RH Bill is now in their hands. In turn, let them know that their own fate as an elected official is in YOUR hands. Your Congressman should be working for you and your best interests. If they decide to ignore the overwhelming demand for a reproductive health law, then let them know that you will not be voting for them come the next election. Your Congressman should not be fearing the non-tax-paying bishops of the Catholic Church; they should be fearing you and your power to decide their fate.

Before August 7, call, email, tweet, and message your representative and let them know that if they do not show up for the session on the 7th and vote to end the RH debates, you will take it as a sign of their utter negligence towards their duties and, thus, not vote for them in 2013. Moreover, you will encourage others to follow suit.

Here is the list of contact information for every single Congressman currently in office:

And this is a list of representatives who have taken an anti RH stance.

Here is an article offering excellent details into what you should be telling your representative.

Do not let our government officials forget the very reason they are in office in the first place. If they truly desire progress, if they really want to ensure the health and wellbeing of every one of their constituents, then they would make sure that the RH Bill gets passed.

August 7 is a mere week away. It is up to you to make Congress do the right thing.

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