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Conversations on Secularism and the Philippine Justice System

With all the interesting minds on twitter, informative discussions can spontaneously emerge from simple statements. When @annaoposa spoke up about Catholic prayers in a program she attended the resulting conversation gave a good overview on the state of secularism in the Philippine justice system and how we’ve arrived where we are now.

Like Ryan commented in the conversation if a government sponsored program opens with a prayer, you have a right to file a complaint. I’d like to add that even if it isn’t government sponsored but it’s open to the public, you should complain if you’re displeased with the program opening with a prayer. The organizers should know that they are pissing people off by dragging others into public displays of religiosity.

Many thanks to the people who contributed to the conversation: @ryanbalisacan, @ageofbrillig, @nerveending. We’re also on twitter, follow us @ffreethinkers

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