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Catholics for Reproductive Health

MANILA, Philippines – The Catholics for Reproductive Health is drumming up support among Catholics for the passage of the Reproductive Health bill.

Benjamin de Leon, president of the Forum for Family Planning and Development, said the group wants to inform the public especially Catholics that there is a lot of misinformation being spread by those opposed to the RH bill.

Among the so-called myths is that the proposed bill allows abortion and that it promotes promiscuity. … De Leon said they should read the bill first before opposing it because it does not allow abortion and does not promote promiscuity as the use of contraceptives is only for married couples who want to engage in family planning.

He also noted that when a Catholic supports the bill, it does not mean that they are violating theological laws since abortion is not included in the bill. The group is confident that Congress will approve the bill after House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte said the measure should be discussed and voted on.

Happily we have groups like the Catholics for Reproductive Health standing up against the stupid, dogmatic stand of the CBCP. The CBCP needs to hear the message that they do not speak for the Catholics of the Philippines. The bishops need to know that their flock has a voice of their own. The men of cloth need to know that their people want them to stop telling lies.

If I thought Article 133 should count for anything, I would think that Catholics right now are having their “religious feelings offended” by these men who would spread lies from the pulpit.