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Humanae Vitae Limerick

It was one of those cool rainy nights
When they’d just kissed and made up from a fight
They started to hug
When their loins felt that sensual tug
And his hand reached out to kill the lights.
As he gently laid and caressed her in bed
She opened up to him with arms and legs spread
But then she had to remember
It was the fifth of September
And her excitement was soon replaced with dread.
“We can’t do it now,” said she
“’Cause I’m at the peak of fertility
No wonder I’m so hot
And yearning a lot
But we can’t afford to have another baby.”
“I’ll wear something,” he replied
Why should this union be denied?
They were lawfully married
And his wife he lovingly fancied
Even long before she became his bride.
“No,” he couldn’t believe he heard her say
“It is forbidden in Humanae Vitae
Sex must be kept open to procreation
Pope Paul said it’s divine revelation
And contraception will lead us astray.”
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