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FF Top Ten: April 7, 2010

I have no energy for outrage anymore as there is just so much going on in the world today.  That school in Mississippi who canceled the “gay” prom? They fake-organized another prom with just a few of the outcast students and kept a secret “real” prom for the rest of the class.  There is so much sex scandal news that they’re all sounding the same.   Aquino is winning! Earthquakes for everyone!!

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Kotaku is doing a series of articles on religion in games.  Here, and here.

Giant lizards are among us. (via Inquirer) link

Middle-class Muslims fuel the Halal food boom in France.  (via The Guardian) link

No more fur for ceremonial robes in Israel – fur ban is being opposed by Orthodox Jews (via The Guardian) link

Art exhibit in the Netherlands attempts to examine the relationship between Christianity and sexuality. It’s a pity that there are no pictures in the article.  This is the only picture I found. (via the NY Times) link

Learn about the Jews in China here. (via the NY Times) link

Will having more women in the Catholic Church hierarchy help prevent future sex scandals? (via Newsweek) link

An atheist charity formed by atheists, for the needy around the world. (via the NY Times) link

Scientists are studying atheist brains to see if they’re sort of different. (via Globe and Mail) link

Parents in Malaysia are in a custody battle after the husband secretly converted their children to Islam (they were formerly Hindu).  Who gets the final say on a child’s faith? (via NY Times) link

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