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FF Top Ten: March 24, 2010

It is so ironic that the Catholic Church, a group so obsessed with legislating people’s sex lives, can’t keep it in their pants (do they even wear pants?).  Sex scandals involving church men in Ireland, Germany, and Spain are being brought to the forefront by really angry Catholics who are demanding justice for the victims.  Note to sex offenders – people are judging you, too. Hopefully, actual judges in court get to do that as well.

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Jesus and friends get supersized meals, still thin though (via The Guardian) link

Catholic Sex Scandal Tour hits Spain (via Times Online) link More sex abuses are exposed.  The people so obsessed with legislating sex are having so much sex! Illegally! With minors! Such great examples for the youth.

Ukrainian Catholic priests can get married, apparently. Lucky bastards. (via NY Times) link

As usual, nuns make more sense than priests, but are summarily ignored. (via NY Times) link

James Randi, famous atheist commentator = Dumbledore. (via Blag Hag) link

You can be gay in Malaysian movies, only if you don’t really act gay and you change your mind afterwards. (via Inquirer) link

Christians hating on gay couple, rightfully reported to the police. (via The Guardian) link

Psychic pretending to see the future of the stock market is sued by the SEC for fraud.   (via NY Times) link If you invest your money with a company named Magic Eight Ball Distribution, you should be disqualified from investing anything. Ever.

A whopping 92% of Americans believe in some higher being. Here is a summary of the debate surrounding the future of religion in the US.  Participants are Deepak Chopra (Deepak!!), Sam Harris, Michael Shermer, and Jean Houston. (via ABC news) link

Secular group has a chance of winning the Iraqi elections.  Good news. (via link

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