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Condoms: Education or Distribution? Free or Sold?

It’s sad reading all this debate between the CBCP and Secretary Cabral on this issue of free condom distribution. Personally, I believe that contraceptives should not be given freely. The secretary is better off distributing free medicines rather than focusing on free contraceptives. There are those who are in dire need of medicines these days.

It is a fact that contraceptives help control booming population and STDs, and foreign financial aids pour into the country supporting initiatives to stop AIDS and overpopulation. However this does not mean that we should take the opportunity to distribute contraceptives freely. That would be helpful for some people but there are those whose sense of morality is stuck in the middle ages who will feel that this act is a violation their moral fiber.

CookieIt would be better to give subsidies than contraceptives and appropriate proper education and regulation methods. Contraceptives should be requested and not distributed freely given the available finances. If these contraceptives are duly subscribed and approved by the local health center, paid by the educated user and subsidized by the government, we can have a sense of assurance that the people who will use it have a sense of commitment and ownership. However, if contraceptives are given freely, we cannot be sure whether these contraceptives will be used properly, sold to a third party, or used as water balloons in the next wet ‘n’ wild party. Proper education and regulation should be the first step, not immediate distribution. Or else… the very eager and voracious cookie monster will do the job of educating for the government.

Kidding aside, it is true that the country needs to resolve overpopulation through the use of contraceptives. But, as a wise woman said during one FF convention: “It is not enough that we know that truth. We should hear that truth from the voices of our people.” They should be the ones asking and voicing out their need – not Secretary Cabral, not the CBCP.

And besides, we don’t want spend foreign aid and the tax payers money for the next wet ‘n wild party do we? 🙂

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