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FF Top Ten: March 9, 2010

Today’s links are a bit of an oddball group.  We have rioting, voodoo, Mexican secularism, WWII, quantum physics (it’s your favorite – infinite regression!), Anglicans converting to Roman Catholicism because of their common intolerance for gays, priests who make sense, condom talk, and nuns affected by the economic recession.  And Palin says something stupid.  You know the drill: send your stories via The News Thread or the comments.  Theme suggestions are also welcome.


More than 500 die in religious riots in Jos, Nigeria (submitted by Frank, via Wikipedia, Peagle) link , link

Fr. Bernas talks about separation of church and state (submitted by innerminds, via link

Cabral accepts Bishop’s debate challenge (via link

Sarah Palin: God wrote on his hand too (via Washington Post) link

Jewish Knight defends Pope Pius XII’s WWII record (via link

Voodoo practitioners shrug off blame for Haiti quake (via link

100 Anglican parishes convert to Roman Catholic Church (via link

Vlatko Vedral: I’d like to explain the origin of God (via The Guardian) link

Mexico’s separation of church and state (via link

Outsourcing a threat to French nuns’ holy industry (via The Guardian) link

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