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FF Top Ten: March 6, 2010

Let’s make this a daily feature!  Submit your recent news links in the forums (The News Thread) and we will post the new/interesting ones here daily.


Bibles-for-porn stunt draws crowd at UTSA (submitted by Twin-skies, via Friendly Atheist, My SA News)  link

Catholic Church seeks ban on condom ads (submitted by innerminds, via link

Higher IQ linked to liberalism, atheism (via link

Bishop to CBCP: Issue SOS for rain (via link

Anti-gay pastor Uganda shows evils of homosexuality…by broadcasting hardcore gay porn in church (submitted by Twin-skies, via Box Turtle Bulletin) link

New Zealand Church Fined for Jamming Cell Phones (submitted by Ixidor, via link

Atheists Invited to Vatican Outreach Initiative (submitted by Twin-skies, via Pharyngula, EWTN)  link

False Gay Marriage Rumor Sparks Kenyan Riots (submitted by Twin-skies, via Gay City News)  link

Shame and Abuse: Inside Germany’s Catholic Sexual Abuse Scandal (submitted by Twin-skies, via Der Spiegel) link

Should US Foreign Policy Get Religion? (via Washington Post) link

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