Killing for Faith

A woman prepares a lethal cocktail of pharmaceuticals. It’s for her partner’s two children. She had been listening to a sermon just the other day about Isaac, Abraham’s son. God tested Abraham and led him to offer Isaac as a sacrifice.

Why Faith Is Not A Virtue

This article is for those who think that faith is a virtue. I would like to propose that it is not. Over...

RSVP to the 3rd Filipino Freethinkers Forum!

This is a special occasion for those of us who truly value our rights and our freedoms. Join us as we celebrate a new chapter for freethought here in the Philippines!

Nouthanasis: The Eternal Now

the birth of Another, the apathy of Otherness — this altercation of the unconscious Self, born of the irrational Yet: the vague paradigm of...

On Reason, Rationalization, and Skepticism

It is an unwritten rule in Filipino Freethinkers that those who participate in the discussions must use reason and avoid citing dogma. And except for the occasional troll, I think this rule has been quite effective. While non sequitur arguments are still employed from time to time, I believe what matters is the attempt at using reason especially for those who, until just recently, have for so long taken for granted the factuality of certain traditional beliefs.

Humility: Reason vs. Faith

I often hear religious people say that freethinkers are proud people, leaning on their own human understanding. The faithful claim to...

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