problem of evil

God Won't Make a Way

If the deity exists, would you believe he’s a god of love or a god that’s indifferent to the people’s affairs...

Filipino Freethinkers Speak at DLSU

This past Thursday, February 3, Ryan Tani and Garrick Bercero of the Filipino Freethinkers were invited to lecture at the De La Salle University in Manila. Tani discussed the problem of evil and how it is inconsistent with the Christian God while Bercero spoke about how a godless morality is possible.

Depart into the uttermost corners of the earth, and diligently do your appointed work

Depart into the uttermost corners of the earth, and diligently do your appointed work. Persecute the sick child; settle upon its eyes, its face, its hands, and gnaw and pester and sting…

God is good…all the time

Perhaps many are familiar with those reassuring words that Christians often say in church and during good times, but few people probably know that they came from a song.

Forty-four Thoughts of a Founding Freethinker

While the world watches Egypt in revolution, many are unaware that almost three centuries today, one of the greatest revolutionaries was...

Evolution discussed in the CBCP website

Whenever I visit the CBCP website I often find inspiration that would stimulate me to write an article for Filipino Freethinkers. Their...

A Former Christian’s Letter to an Old Friend

‎"There is no future in a sacred myth. Why not? Because of our curiosity. Whatever we hold precious, we cannot protect it from our curiosity, because being who we are, one of the things we deem precious is the truth."

Why God Allows Pain: The Barbershop Theodicy

Whenever believers try to defend their faith in an intervening God using reason (or more precisely, pseudo-reason), the critical thinker cannot help but point out the fallacies. There is this email being circulated that tries to explain the problem of evil and why God allows pain and suffering.

If There Was An Intelligent Designer

When observing the complex beauty of the natural world and the diversity of plants and animals and how each species' characteristics seem perfectly tailored for a particular lifestyle, it is not difficult to jump into conclusion that everything was designed.

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