On Epalwatch (And Why It’s A No-Win Situation Sometimes)

Epalwatch is a worthy cause. It keeps public servants on their toes and keeps them from willfully using their position of power to spend public funds in an effort to advertise themselves for re-election well before they even file their candidacy.

Why PNoy’s SONA is Not a Triumph for the RH Bill

People were ecstatic. People were claiming PNoy had finally put his foot down regarding RH. But I don’t buy it. And neither should anyone else, most especially fellow pro-RH advocates.

FF Podcast (Audio) 006: State of Secularism Address 2011

In this episode, we discuss President Benigno Aquino's second State of the Nation Address, and we deliver our own State of Secularism Address.

His Deafening Silence: A Quick Take on P-Noy’s Lame Excuse

(Video from GMA News TV)  President Noynoy Aquino's second State of the Nation Address (SONA), apart from being the most shameless reheating...

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