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What Would Jesus Do?

What would Jesus do


this troublesome


In Iraq, USA, Israel

and Palestine?

What would Jesus do


calamity comes?

to people who are unfortunate,

it seems to them the sun

won’t shine.

What would Jesus do


physically and mentally challenged men?

to amputees, mongoloids, the deaf, mute and

the blind?

What would Jesus do?

If people will realize,

that it’s foolishness to believe

in a

Jesus divine…

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Freethought Poetry: Mothers

This is a first of its kind in the site, and it’s still experimental. Red mentioned that perhaps more of us could share prose or poetry about freethought, so here goes my first dive into this mess 🙂


Mother, you bid to bathe me with boon, and still you do

Try, for you feel it’s your responsibility to.

You’ve sacrificed, and supplied me with sustenance

There was a time, I remember, when our parlance

Were very much attuned to each other’s ideas and thoughts

But then I studied and grew, and I think you see it was not for nought.
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