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FF Podcast 009: How straight allies can fight for LGBT rights

FF Podcast Episode 9 – How straight allies can fight for LGBT rights
In our 9th episode, Red is joined by our LGBT advocacy group to talk about how straight allies can help in the fight for LGBT rights, especially this week, UP Pride Week.

You may also download the podcast file here.

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Filipino Freethinkers Podcast feed

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Filipino Freethinkers podcast on iTunes

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Vatican Silences Their Sisters Yet Again

Oh no, the nuns are expressing their own opinion again! Quick, call the inquisition to shut ’em up and throw ’em back in their convents where they belong!

The Catholic Church hierarchy has yet again turned what sounds like a badly recreated Monty Python sketch into cringe-inducing reality. As stated in the article above, the Vatican did indeed call on the former Office of the Inquisition (now called the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) to silence a nun (Sister Margaret Farley, who just happens to be an accomplished theologian in her own right) who dared to write a book questioning their official doctrine.

What leaves me particularly flabbergasted is that there seems to be a relatively obvious solution to this that would not require the dissolution of the Vatican. Assuming the Catholic church hierarchy wants to treat women as equals, then why doesn’t it allow women the same options for religious dedication as men and let them be ordained as clergy? It’s not like there’s no precedent, as the Episcopal Church has been doing it for decades. It would be fair to say that women there have since done rather well for themselves in securing a voice within their Church, as this picture of the highest ranking Episcopal Church official in the United States would indicate.


Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori (Episcopalian)

What exactly are they afraid of?

UPDATE: Here is Sister Margaret Farley’s response to the Vatican.

Truly the voice of an unhinged hysterical witch-heretic if there ever was one. It’s crazy bitches like her that must be why the Vatican seems so keen on keeping their women quiet and docile.

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