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Meet a Freethinker: Bede Daniel Garcia

No two freethinkers are exactly alike; a group of freethinkers contains a great diversity of perspectives, so there is no one, official perspective shared among all of them. This makes the freethought community a truly vibrant source of ideas and opinions!

In this light, Meet a Freethinker is our series featuring freethinkers of all backgrounds and perspectives. We want to introduce you guys to the people who make up the proverbial melting pot of this growing movement.

Our next freethinker is Bede Daniel Garcia from the Filipino Freethinkers Davao Chapter. Bede has been a skeptic since secondary school. He is a registered nurse currently working at Davao Doctors Hospital. He is also a Naturalist, and a Secular Humanist

Bede Daniel Garcia1) How would you define a freethinker?

The basic gist of being a freethinker would simply mean to think outside the boundaries of dogma, religion and tradition — to not accept “truths” simply because they were handed down to us by those in authority. We are always guided by logic, evidence and sound reason.

If we are presented with situations where we are tasked to take sides or to voice our opinions, we take into account facts and evidences. We do not merely go with our gut feeling that is purely based on our biased emotions. On the contrary, we sometimes set aside our emotions to focus on cold hard evidence even though it may sometimes be against our own stand.

This is a freethinker, ever growing and changing. Science, and the world, changes and so must we and our opinions of the things that happen around us.

2) What belief system do you subscribe to?

I am a secular humanist and an avid naturalist. I subscribe to the fact that everything has its own natural and logical explanation. I focus on the things that are truly important in life and the lives of others like relationships, science, and politics, to name a few.

3) What was the funniest or most interesting reaction you got from a person after you told him or her that you were a freethinker?

I get the funniest reactions from people who put together religion and morality. The moment I say I’m an atheist, they would immediately think I’m evil and an antichrist. No amount of explanation can save me from the harsh and vicious verbal attacks (peculiar, because it usually comes from supposedly religious and pious people).

4) In what way has being part of a freethinking community benefited you?

This is when I can shout out loud “At last! I’m not alone in this universe!” It’s difficult to converse with narrow minded individuals, especially if it does not agree with their belief system. I am not saying that all freethinkers are open-minded because I’ve met some that aren’t. But it’s just nice to know that I can have a conversation with a person and not feel persecuted or ostracized.

5) What are your thoughts on euthanasia?

This is a very sensitive subject. Its handling and execution depends on several reasons (prognosis, finances, etc). In my opinion, if the reasons for euthanasia are valid, then I am okay with it. But with regards to its execution on myself, here are my thoughts. I will, in the near future, prepare a written directive to remove the responsibility of “pulling the plug” from my loved ones. I plan on stating in this directive that if my prognosis is poor or my financial state cannot support my hospitalization, then I would hereby donate all working organs to those in need and my body to an educational institution for study. At least, even in death, I can still be useful.

6) What keeps you calm from stress in work?

I cannot really remove stress from work, but I can divert my focus. I sometimes spend my “alone time” helping people and enjoying the company of colleagues and friends.

7) How do you react when patients mainly thank god and the prayer warriors instead of thanking the physicians, the nurses and support staff who provided the expertise, the medicine, the bedside care, and the true and tangible solutions in a difficult time?

Since we live in a predominantly religious country, it is a given that a lot of people would first thank their supernatural deity before thanking us humans. I was once enraged by this notion. It did not make sense to give thanks to something that barely lifted a finger, and to forget those who truly helped. But as I matured, I realized that this was of least importance. Appreciation is a plus in our line of work. So I just give myself a pat on the back and learn not to hunger for recognition in my chosen vocation. I also realized that if I constantly clamored for recognition, wouldn’t I just be like the god that created humans in order for them to worship him? Isn’t that narcissistic?

8) How has freethinking helped you value life more?

When I had a gradual transition from a theist to becoming an atheist and to embracing freethinking, I initially felt lost, thinking that one day, I will be gone and only memories of me will remain. But I had to look at the brighter side of things. I have come to accept that my body is vulnerable to a lot of factors, that time is indeed limited. This has become a catalyst which has pushed me to accomplish things I did not think I could or would do: running a half marathon, completing a triathlon, exercising, and building friendships, relationships, and the like. Life is temporary, so live life.

9) How would you react to comments pertaining to their belief when consoling family members of a patient who just died?

Death of a family member is never easy. It is but human nature to call upon someone in troubled times. As a freethinker, I gather support from loved ones. I hang on to the notion that there are people around me who can help me and that is sufficient for me. For the religious, it is automatic for them to cry in pain to their deity. I, for one, am not militant regarding my atheism. I respect their practices so long as they respect mine. If a family member has just died and a relative cries to their god, then I will respect that. I will, however, remind them that I’m here to help them cope if they wish to talk to someone. Respect begets respect.

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An Open Letter To The UPLB Office Of Student Affairs

June 10, 2013

From: Filipino Freethinkers-UPLB et al

To: Dr Leticia A. Afuang, Office of Student Affairs Director, UPLB

CC: Dr Rex Victor O. Cruz, Chancellor, UPLB

Good day,

It has come to our attention that your good office has once again distributed (or at least, caused to distribute) free bibles at the recent campus tour for UPLB freshmen. As far as we are aware, this has become a tradition for you, Dr Afuang, since you took charge as free bibles were given out too during last year’s freshman convocation. This was on top of blatantly preaching Christianity during this year and last’s leadership training seminar, which is required for all student organizations seeking university recognition to attend, among other breaches of secularism that have been reported to us.

This is completely unacceptable. Unless you still are not aware, the University of the Philippines is a secular institution. And this fact is explicitly defined in Sec 3 and Articles 177 and 452 of the UP Code, which we are sure you are well aware of.

For surety, we have included excerpts here:

  1. Sec 3. Purpose of the University.As the national university, a public and secular institution of higher learning , and a community of scholars dedicated to the search for truth and knowledge as well as development leaders, the University of the Philippines shall perform its unique and distinctive leadership in higher education and development.

  2. Art 177. Members of the teaching staff enjoy academic freedom; Provided, however, That no instructor in the University System shall inculcate sectarian tenets in any of the teachings, nor attempt either directly or indirectly, under the penalty of dismissal by the Board of Regents, to influence students or attendants at the University System for or against any particular church or religious sect or political party.

  3. Art 452. Any priest, preacher, or minister of the gospel of any religious denomination may speak before student groups or organizations of the University; Provided, That in every case the written permission of the President/Chancellor shall have been previously secured; and Provided, further, That speakers do not discuss questions which might provoke dissension in the University.

While you may argue that the bibles were donations or that receiving them was voluntary anyway, these are but poor excuses. Secularism means fair treatment and privilege to all religions, or to none at all. It’s either you give out free scriptures of all religions or you don’t give any. If this isn’t clear enough, let us stress that there is simply no place for religious instruction and proselytizing within the university, academic freedom notwithstanding.

The university should be a place for students to explore and criticize new ideas and long-held beliefs. It is no place for certain churches to exploit this opportunity to increase membership in the pretense of saving souls or “making disciples.” Let us let students find their own way to faith or disbelief. This is what academic freedom means.

In light of this, we petition the following:

  1. That Dr. Afuang issue a public apology for all accounts of breaches in secularism and violations of the UP Code;
  2. That the UPLB administration conduct an investigation regarding the events cited and take disciplinary measures if found necessary;
  3. That the Chancellor issue a memorandum reminding all staff and faculty of these portions of the UP Code, and prohibiting any university-sanctioned event and academic class to include religious elements that may, directly or indirectly, be meant to proselytize or otherwise influence students’ religious views.


Rafael Navarro


Filipino Freethinkers-UPLB


Ma. Patricia San Jose

Vice President

Filipino Freethinkers-UPLB

[Attached signatures of petitioners]


Yesterday’s events were not the only breaches of secularism that have occured inside the university, and by the looks of it will most probably not be the last. There are many more incidents involving many more UPLB instructors. Let us make this petition a reminder that state universities are best kept secular. Surely, UPLB has got more ways to acquaint its freshmen than lambasting that it endorses particular churches, right?

Note: A similar incident also happened last year under the auspices of Dr Afuang. Several students have testified to us that it is usual for Dr. Afuang to preach Christianity in her classes, no matter how unrelated it is to the subject matter. A followup article is scheduled to be posted documenting these first-hand accounts.

Update: A pastor from Victory Christian Fellowship UPLB has spoken on the matter in defense of Dr. Afuang, the Office of Student Affairs and the Bible-giving brouhaha.

Editors note: two images concerning Victory Christian Fellowship have been removed from this article since publishing. Those two photos are not relevant to the secularism violation of the Office of Student Affairs (in UPLB).

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Filipino Freethinkers Davao Meetup June 1, 2013


Spiritual But Not Religious – One Man’s Journey from Belief to Trust

Is it possible for god and reason to occupy the same space in your mind? Can faith and rationality coexist in harmony? Find out as we listen to the story of Mr. Ernie Abella and have a special dialogue with him. Mr. Abella was the former head pastor of The Jesus Fellowship. He is now a social entrepreneur.

Date: June 1, 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30-9:30 PM
Place: Cafe Demitasse, F. Torres St., Davao City

  • Newbies are welcome.
  • Look for the FF sign (or the group of smart, sexy people).
  • There is no required age, religion, philosophy, or IQ level.
  • Discussions are informal yet intelligent (most of the time).
  • You don’t have to talk; you can just sit in and listen.

Attendance is FREE. We do appreciate if you order food/drinks to help cover the venue costs, but there is no obligation to do so.

Please come early. We start ON TIME.

Click here to go to our Facebook events page

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Filipino Freethinkers – Subic Meetup, May 9 (Thursday)


Event: Filipino Freethinkers – Subic Meetup

Location: Terrace Café, Subic International Hotel – Delta Building, Subic Bay Freeport

Date: May 9, 2013

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Discussion Topics:
The Right Age for Vices
The Science of Lust
Plus other topics

Contact Number:


Join FF – Subic on Facebook:

Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, gender, belief/religion, race, and nationality. There is no need to order or buy from the cafe. Just look for the FF sign or that group of sexy, smart people.

Filipino Freethinkers – Subic Chapter is a group of freethinking Filipinos, composed of atheists, agnostics, deists, pantheists, humanists, and progressive theists from the Subic Bay area – Olongapo City, Subic Town, and the surrounding towns of Zambales, Bataan and Pampanga. We are a regional chapter affiliated with Filipino Freethinkers, the largest freethought organization in the Philippines.

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FF Davao Meetup 2013-04-27

I do


Topic: I Do…Do You? – Arguments For and Against Marriage Equality
Special Guest: Ms. Ria Danielle Lumapas – Program Coordinator – Go Tugon Foundation

April 27, 2013 (Saturday) 730PM – 930PM
Cafe Demitasse, F. Torres St., Davao City

* Newbies are welcome.
* Look for the FF sign (or the group of smart, sexy people).
* There is no required age, religion, philosophy, or IQ level.
* Discussions are informal yet intelligent (most of the time).
* You don’t have to talk; you can just sit in and listen.

Attendance is FREE. We do appreciate if you order food/drinks to help cover the venue costs, but there is no obligation to do so.

Please come early. We start ON TIME.

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FF – Metro South Meetup for Sunday, February 10

Event: Filipino Freethinkers – Metro Manila South Meetup

Date: Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Place: Union Jack Tavern, 2nd Level, Festival Mall, Alabang, Muntinlupa City

RSVP on Facebook 

Greetings from the Filipino Freethinkers – Metro Manila South Chapter! We are a group of freethinkers residing in the equally interesting but underrated areas of the Metro and its neighbouring provinces. We invite the residents of Muntinlupa, Parañaque, Las Piñas, the nearby sub-urban towns of San Pedro, Sta.Rosa and Biñan in Laguna, and even people from Cavite and Batangas to join our meetup this Sunday, February 10.

Discussion Topics:

1. What we oppose in the Cybercrime Bill

2. AIDS/HIV – the health problem, the stigma, and how the FF – MM South can help promote awareness of the problem.

3. Carlos Celdran and the guilty verdict for offending religious feelings

4. Videos/Comic Strips for Freethinking 101 Series

There is no need to pay or order anything, but Union Jack Tavern gives you the best ‘British pub experience’ available in the country, and the food and drinks are reasonably-priced.

Just look for the FF sign or the bunch of cool, smart, sexy people gathered together in the bar area. Minors (people below 18yo) are discouraged from purchasing and consuming alcoholic drinks, and all attendees are expected to abide to our code of conduct during the meetup and post-meetup.

There is no pressure to speak during the discussions, and you can just listen and observe. Even so, if you feel like voicing out your opinion on a given topic, just raise your hand and signal the facilitator, and you’ll be given a chance to speak. We want everyone to have an intellectually-stimulating, productive, and fun experience, and to enjoy the community experience of being among other freethinkers.

See you there!

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Why Rude Protest Is Better Than Polite Concession

A Violent Kind of Envy

“Try protesting inside a MOSQUE and let’s see if you can keep your head on your shoulder.”

I have heard this said several times to argue against Carlos Celdran’s actions in the Manila Cathedral in 2010, and I think it is nothing but veiled Islamophobia, not to mention unfair to a group of people who happen to practice a different religion from the Filipino majority.

Saying this actually suggests that ALL our Muslim brothers and sisters are a bunch of violent, vindictive terrorists who will kill anyone who disrespects their faith. I find this offensive because I have Muslim friends and office-mates who are peaceful, reasonable, progressive, and in many ways, better than so many so-called Christians who react violently when someone disagrees with them. Shame on those people for even suggesting that all Muslims will immediately resort to violence. They probably don’t know that many Muslims, and I doubt if they are good friends with one.

‘Fatwa envy’ is the term used for the phenomenon of people complaining that criticism of their religion or political beliefs is wrong because the criticism would never be directed at Muslims for fear of violence or death, according to Rational Wiki (

(image source: V-forVictory)

 ‘Proper’ Way of Protesting? 

You can drive out a person who says or does rude things inside your house, but you don’t sue them or send them to prison. It shows how emotionally immature you are. I am of the opinion that there are times when some people need a rude awakening, especially when social niceties and outward politeness are numbing and sheltering them from the fact that they are rudely over-stepping their boundaries.

(image source: )

The CBCP and their ultra-conservative Catholic cohorts are over-stepping their boundaries, getting access to public privileges without paying taxes, violating the separation of church and state and shutting down art exhibits and protest actions that they find offensive. They can’t surrender pedophile priests to the public, they amass wealth by the billions in a country full of hungry, poor people, they get to ask a former president for gifts of SUVs, and they exercise political influence like it is their birthright. Barging into their church meetings to protest their political meddling is an act of defiance, an act of rebellion against the bigger evil that they are perpetuating, and is a nonviolent way of bringing to light the fact that they are not exercising the same respect that they are now demanding from everyone else.

A Stomping Ground For Stomping on Non-Catholics

It reminds me of the public high school that I went to years ago. Our government-employed Catholic principals and teachers required that all students attend a Catholic catechism class, and not attending will cost you your grade in Values Education. The cathecist teachers they allowed to come in and teach were from the local parish that the school administrators go to every Sunday. These cathecists would routinely ask each student, in the presence of the whole class, whether they are Catholic or not. When they learn that some of us are from ‘born-again’ families, they would proceed to joke that we are ‘burned again’, in reference to the hellfire punishment for apostates. Before we graduated, we were compelled to attend a Catholic mass. Some of our teachers even threatened us that we will not get diplomas if we do not attend.

(image source:

The Catholic Church in our neighbourhood has a tall loudspeaker that rudely blares their prayers and sermons all over the place every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, at the expense of the non-Catholics who also reside in the area. Every Lenten season, messengers claiming to be from the same neighbourhood Catholic church would knock on our gates and ask for donations for the Holy Week celebrations, and we get dirty looks when we tell them that we are not Catholics.

Another incident was when my wife was confined in a Catholic hospital in Manila years ago when she gave birth to our son. We had no choice but to rush her there because it was the nearest hospital in the vicinity. The hospital’s priest visited our room while my wife was still recovering from a Cesarean surgery, asked us if we were Catholics. When we said we aren’t, he told us that we have lost our way and that God welcomes lost sheep when they go back to the fold. He said it in front of my visiting mother, who is a life-long ‘Born-Again’ Protestant deacon. It was a disconcerting experience for my mother and my wife, to say the least.

So a strangely-dressed man with a placard sign saying ‘Damaso’ walks in on an ecumenical church meeting that the CBCP bishops are attending and tells them to stop meddling in politics. For all the rude violations that the ruling Catholic majority keep doing at the expense of those who do not share their beliefs, is it that damnable when a man like Carlos Celdran gets fed up and goes directly to them, to tell them to their faces to stop?

In the New Testament account, an angry Jesus goes into the Temple to turn over the tables of merchants who jack up their prices to rip off the faithful, and whipped the traders with a rope to drive them out of their own legal territory. (Gospel of John 2: 13-16)

(image source:

Now You Do What They Told Ya, Now You’re Under Control

In connection to this, I happen to like punk and metal bands that use rude language to get their messages across, and I have often observed that it has a more immediate impact than any politely-worded political treatise out there because it gets into the heart of the issue. Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name Of” comes to mind.

To paraphrase fellow freethinker Sass Sasot, polite behaviour is often dictated by those who are in power, the oppressor, to control the oppressed. What we call ‘polite behaviour’ depends on what a certain group of people find acceptable. Who dictates the norm for polite behaviour? If those who are in power are the only ones allowed to decide what proper behaviour is, or what a proper venue for protest is, then the minority is already being restricted by this dictate and are only being bullied to the point of silence. Restrictions imposed by social rules of propriety only serve to delay the efforts of the person complaining of injustice. As Martin Luther King, one of the modern fathers of civil disobedience, would say, “Justice too long delayed is justice denied.” (from Letter From Birmingham City Jail)

Polite society often tells us to obey its rules at the expense of things with bigger consequences and to obscure bigger issues that should be addressed. My answer to that is “Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!“, as RATM would put it.



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God Is My Giant Robot, My Mask, My Vulgar Display Of Power

My problem with people invoking God to justify and rationalize their views on controversial issues is that they are so confident that this God actually supports and sides with all their biases, prejudice and definition of righteousness. If this God actually exists as a distinct entity, I still don’t see why he has to be a ‘Yes Man’ who nods his head to one particular person’s views and opinions, as if he doesn’t have his own mind on the matter.

Most of the people I meet who assert their certainty in the existence of a God profess belief in a character that closely resembles their desires, behavior and views, or at least one that shows complete approval of their outlook. It is like a ‘Mary Sue’ archetype in a story, a character made up to project the author’s wishes and idealized self. Another way of putting it is that this God resembles a puppet, a mouthpiece, an intimidating mask used to assert one’s views without providing room for criticism and analysis. Like a gangster with a big, handsome car running over someone, disrespecting that person’s voice and sense of self, disregarding that person’s protestations, just because they do not have a big, handsome car.

It is no surprise that mecha, giant robots in Japanese anime, are often depicted as God or are associated with God, as is the case in both the Evangelion series and Gundam 00. The staunch believer pilots the giant robot, metaphorically speaking, projecting his desire for a world to stay the same, to vent out his frustrations on what he perceives to be the enemy of his world, the threats to his sense of security. It is a behemoth best friend that will step on appeals for reason, logic and evidence and crush them because these are taking apart his perception of what he wants to be real and what he wants to not be real. It reminds me of squealing fan girls who get angry at someone for pointing out the flaws of their favourite Hollywood actor.

(image source:

If there really is a God, he/she/it will not be a vessel for any person’s biases, any more than that the American President’s views does not necessarily reflect the overall values of every American. Even Batman’s Alfred has to tuck in for the night on his own and often disagrees with some of Bruce Wayne’s decisions. I am somewhat confounded that many believers call God their Master, when it is they who are pulling the strings and rubbing the lamp so that this God will fulfill their wishes and inflict punishment on those that they are angry with.

Even the biblical God has has been known to say, “my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” (Isaiah 55:8, NIV). If that is the case, then it would seem that many believers are simply putting forth a being of their own creation, tailored to fit their worldviews. They’ve made it that way so that they do not have to deal with the fact that the world is full of people with a variety of beliefs, ideals, and various cultures where people view their separate experiences as truth.

I have people who I can call really good friends, and even if I have a lot of things in common with them, they do not always agree with me, and they have separate lives and experiences that produce a truth that is subjective. They do not always take my side, they do not pander to my convenience, and they are honest enough to point out where I am wrong. They will not be my friends if they said yes to everything I said, and I will doubt their sincerity. In the same way, people who invoke God as if their relationship with him is without question, are only invoking something that is imagined, idealized and made up so that any other opposition can be conveniently disregarded. It would be like the Emperor hitting the child for pointing out that he doesn’t have any clothes, all because he is the Emperor and the child is weak. This God is a person’s reflection of himself, a self-compensation for his feelings of inadequacy and therefore a necessary means to force everyone else to adjust to his ideas of right and wrong.

(image source:

This invocation of God as a perpetual ally to the hardcore believer’s every cause is an issue of power, an expression of a bully’s sense of helplessness that he has to call on a bigger, brawnier gang member to beat up the small kid whose only crime is defending himself and his convictions. It is the reflection of inner fear, a fear that induces a person to show bravado and use intimidation to achieve a sense of control in a world that is out of his control, rather than taking up someone their own size, on their own, without asking a divine benefactor to confront his own life issues for him.

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FF Davao Meetup – October 6

Poster Design by Clyde Mante


Have you ever received a forwarded email or message telling you about some chemical found in a popular softdrink that’s also used to preserve dead bodies? Or how the chicken you’re eating is not really a chicken but some mutated genetic freak?

How about your next-door neighbor who tells you about this bracelet or necklace that supposedly emanates protective energy? Or the latest scientific breakthrough, embedded in a small sticker or magnet that can generate healing energy for your body?

How do you know how much of this stuff is real and how much of it is just plain b*******?

Join us as we explore these issues in “What the Fact? Investigating Urban Legends and Pseudoscience” at the Filipino Freethinkers Davao meetup on October 6, 2012 at Cafe Demitasse, F. Torres St., Davao City (click for map), from 7:30PM to 9:30PM (or later — last time, we had a stimulating discussion that ended at around 12:00 MN).

Click here to RSVP on our events page on Facebook.

FF Davao Meetup 2012-08-25 / Photo by Anthony Montecillo

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Visit FF-UPLB’s Sottocopy Booth and Get Your Stuff Sottocopied!

After last last week’s success, the Filipino Freethinkers’ University of the Philippines-Los Banos chapter another awesome activity coming up!

This week, from September 18 (Tuesday) to 21 (Friday), they’re going to provide free Sottocopy services to students.

In addition to that, FF-UPLB members are going to roam around campus selling brownies and giving away free condoms!

The chapter aims to bring more attention to Sotto’s plagiarism and his dilatory attempts against the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill. Furthermore, they wish to dispel the stigma around possessing condoms and other contraceptives, and set aflame student interest in the RH Bill in general.

The chapter is looking for more sponsors, and interested parties may contact them through [email protected]

Also this week, FF-UPLB is going to have a meetup. We invite all of you to attend and discuss with us. As always, there is no required political ideology, religion, IQ level, age, or even university (i.e. by all means, you may freely attend even if you are not a UPLB student). Please see the event page at Facebook for more details.

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September 9 (Sunday) Metro Manila South Meetup

Location: Union Jack Tavern, Festival Mall
Date: September 9, Sunday
Time: 4 PM – 7 PM

RSVP on Facebook

* Is it justified to use animals for research in order to help people?
* Should there be a cap on how much celebrities can earn?
* Are we becoming too dependent on computers?
* Should military service be mandatory in the Philippines?

* There is no need to order anything in the venue, although Union Jack Tavern is a rad place if you want to experience the relaxing ‘authentic British pub’ ambience at affordable prices.
* Please look inside for the FF signboard or that group of sexy, smart people having lively discussions that go with the sign.
* You can just sit in and listen, but sooner or later you might get the urge to speak your mind on the topic, so you’re encouraged to do so.
* There is usually a post-meetup get together for food and drinks.
* Please abide by the code of conduct.
See you there!

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September 8 (Saturday) Filipino Freethinkers Katipunan Meetup

Location: Bo’s Coffee Katipunan
Date: Saturday, September 8, 2012
Time: 3:00pm onwards

RSVP on Facebook

Topics for discussion:
– RH Updates and Issues
– Social Entrepreneurship
– Topic Toss-up

After the meetup we usually go for dinner and drinks somewhere nearby. If you’re not a meetup regular and can’t make it for the meetup but would like to go for the post meetup, please indicate through a post on the wall or comment so we can contact you.

Got questions about the meetup? Contact us at 0922 868 9882

* Newbies are welcome.
* Look for the FF sign (or the group of smart, sexy people).
* There is no required age, religion, philosophy, or IQ level.
* Discussions are informal yet intelligent (most of the time).
* You don’t have to talk; you can just sit in and listen.
* Please abide by the code of conduct.

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Filipino Freethinkers Bacolod Meetup – Friday, September 7

Location: Bascon Cafe, Lacson
Date: Friday, September 7, 2012
Time: 5:00pm – 9:00pm

RSVP on our Facebook event


Discussion Topics
* Should we have a second Port within Bacolod in Banago?
* Negros Aristocracy – political dynasties
* The State of Secularism in Bacolod – Where are the Bacolodnons in the picture?

Contact form to keep in touch.

After the meetup we usually go for dinner and drinks somewhere nearby. If you’re not a meetup regular and can’t make it for the meetup but would like to go for the post meetup, please indicate on a post in the wall or comment so we can contact you.

Got questions about the meetup? Contact us at 0922 870 1760. Or send us a message of facebook.

* Look for the FF sign (or the group of smart, sexy people).
* Newbies are welcome.
* There is no required age, religion, philosophy, or IQ level.
* Discussions are informal yet intelligent (most of the time).
* You don’t have to talk; you can just sit in and listen.
* Please abide by the code of conduct.

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Filipino Freethinkers-University of the Philippines Los Baños Forum

What: An Introduction to Freethinking
Where: NCAS Auditorium, University of the Philippines Los Baños, Laguna
When: September 4 (Tuesday), 1 – 4 PM

Against all odds, Filipino Freethinkers-University of the Philippines Los Baños (FF-UPLB) has been recognized by the Office of Student Affairs-Student Organizations and Activities Division for this year!

The only organization in campus catering to atheists, agnostics, deists and progressive theists, FF-UPLB’s founding has set the grounds for the promotion of science, reason and secularism within the community, aside from being a safe haven for heathen students and teachers.

FF-UPLB is holding its first event: An Introduction to Freethinking. We’ll be discussing three topics:

  • Science and Freethinking, where we will be differentiating science from pseudoscience, and stressing the need for evidence-based  logical inquiry on discussions and decision making;
  • Secularism and Freethinking, where Filipino Freethinkers President Red Tani will discuss what secularism is, and why is it an indispensable element of governance; and
  • Non-Belief and Freethinking, where Filipino Freethinkers Affiliations Director Garrick Bercero will be relating his own experiences and journey to disbelief, while giving light on the general misconceptions about non-believers and atheism.

The event is free of charge, and everyone is welcome to attend. There is no required political ideology, philosophy, religion or IQ level.

The event is on September 4 (Tuesday), and runs from 1 – 4 PM. The Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society, BUKLOD UPLB, Movement of Students for Progressive Leadership in UP, and UP Socius are our very generous sponsors.

We’ll be glad to have you there.

RSVP on Facebook.

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