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Know Their Stand: Grace Poe, Senatorial Candidate

teampnoy-thumb400-poeElections are coming. If you are a voter, you should know who you are voting for and where they stand, especially when it comes to issues of secularism. Here are senatorial candidate Grace Poes responses on nine important issues, based on GMA News’ Mga Isyu ng Bayan.


Reproductive Health – FOR

“[The RH law] is a good progress in our struggle to address the high prevalence of maternal deaths in the country. I believe, however, that the RH law can still be strengthened by introducing new provisions that would allow Filipino couples to receive financial assistance in their efforts to conceive a child. The concept of ‘reproductive health’ should also include couples who are having difficulties conceiving a child naturally.”


Sin Tax – FOR

“The imposition of a higher tax on alcohol and tobacco products is a positive step in both lessening the abuse of alcohol and tobacco and providing more funding to the larger health care system of the country.”


Cybercrime – NO STAND

“The Anti-Cybercrime Law should be amended. I am against some of the provisions in the anti-Cybercrime law that go against our essential freedoms. I am bothered by the cyberlibel and take-down clause and very much concerned with how government will use this on circumstances that are still beyond the ken of current Philippine laws. … I realize, however, that the Anti-Cybercrime Law has good intentions: it can be used by our citizens and other entities to protect themselves, and their interests, in cyberspace—against identify theft, hacking, cybersex, etc. But good intentions can not be used to justify the possible suppression of free speech.”


Freedom of Information – FOR

“The absence of an FOI law makes it hard for the government to be transparent, [in which] the environment for corruption will still be present. [It also] undermines the ability of people to engage their government (e.g. making informed choices during elections, making critical statements about a policy)… An FOI law can be used by government to institutionalize a more systematic gathering, management, and utilization of all data in its offices.”


Anti-Political Dynasty – NO STAND

(no comment)


Divorce – NO STAND

“I welcome the move by some sectors to push for the divorce bill. But before talking about divorce, there are other family-related issues that should simultaneously be discussed. Why push for divorce if we can still introduce amendments to what we have right now on marriage? Our current Family Code today implies that marriage has both unitive and procreative worth. The provisions on declaration of nullity, annulment and legal separation were included there to highlight that our Philippine laws are oriented toward strengthening marriage rather than its dissolution.”


Death Penalty – AGAINST

“Sanctioning capital punishment is equivalent to allowing the state to be an instrument of death rather than an entity that promotes life in our society. Instead of death penalty, what the government can do to curb criminality today is to reform the criminal justice system.”


Same-Sex Marriage – NO STAND

(no comment)


Total Gun Ban – NO STAND

(no comment)




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