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Know Their Stand: Bal Falcone, Senatorial Candidate

baldomerofalconeElections are coming. If you are a voter, you should know who you are voting for and where they stand, especially when it comes to issues of secularism. Here are senatorial candidate Bal Falcones responses on nine important issues, based on GMA News’ Mga Isyu ng Bayan.


Reproductive Health – AGAINST

“We want to adopt the posiiton of the Catholic Church which is anti-RH and talagang tinatawag na partido ng buhay, ‘di tulad ng patido ng patay and one of the objections we have against the RH is because it allocates P14 billion every year for contraceptives and condoms when in fact this kind of big money can be of use to so many Filipinos. The homelessness, hunger and thirst of Filipinos is more important than condoms and contraceptives.”


Sin Tax – FOR

“This is for the health of Filipinos. In that regard we are for it, okay lang ‘yun.”


Cybercrime – AGAINST

“We adopt the position even the Solicitor General that it cannot be imposed because it is really against freedom of information. In effect, you are curtailing the freedom of every individual to search and research in the Internet. There is enough civil punishement already for poeple who will abuse the Internet.”


Freedom of Information – FOR

“We are totally for it. As matter of fact we are faulting the President for certifying RH as urgent when the FOI is more important and needed by the country and ordinary Filipinos.”


Anti-Political Dynasty – FOR

“We are totally against political dynasties. Pork barrel is the generator of political dynasties. You take away the pork barrel, there will be no more political dynasties.”


Divorce – AGAINST

“I’ve been maried for more than two decades, hindi maiiwasan ‘yung minsan magkakatampuhan, but given a romantic setting, maayos rin ‘yun. Give chance to reconciliation… there is no need to divorce.”


Death Penalty – FOR

“Only as a very last resort. Kung talagang the crime has been committed several times and talagang beyond rehabilitation na itong criminal na ito. I think even the bible allows death penalty.”


Same-Sex Marriage – AGAINST

“I don’t have anything against gay people… they were probably born that way but this should not be sanctified by marriage. Some of my friends are gay but marriage to me is a sacred institution.”


Total Gun Ban – AGAINST

“Kung total gun ban eh kawawa naman tayong inosente, how do we defend ourselves? Sila lang ang may baril. Responsible gun ownership is the answer to that not gun ban because the criminals will just hide their guns.”




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