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The RH Status Quo, The Way Things Were Before

The Supreme Court of the Philippines voted 10-5 to put a status quo ante order on the RH law, which means that instead of the RH law being implemented the Philippines will return to the magical state it was in before the RH bill was passed.

We already have the law and the implementing rules and regulations. The Supreme Court has ordered the Philippines to regress, to freeze progress for four more months. Four more months that the CBCP and its allies can use to maneuver their political power to kill the RH law in the Supreme Court.

Which basically means more Filipinas would needlessly die from preventable maternal complications. Because this is the status quo.

Which means that the Philippines will continue to have one of the highest rates of teenage pregnancies in Asia. Because this is our status quo.

Which means we’ll continue to not have a comprehensive program to address the rising rates of HIV infection in the country. For that is the status quo.

Status quo ante. It means “the way things were before”. We already have the RH law. Why should we want to go back to the status quo? Sign this petition to ask the Supreme Court to lift their order.

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