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Oh It's So Unfair to the Catholic Church…

You know, sometimes I think maybe we’re being too hard on Churches. After all, they’re only human…

Go to Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal for the setup, I’ll wait.


You know what else I hear when the Vatican cries about statistics of molestation? A whiny, unrepentant child crying, “but the others are doing it too!”.

The comic makes a good point though. These are people who claim to speak for God, who claim that it is through them that their flock can know God and receive his forgiveness. In the Philippines, the CBCP and their priests lie about the reproductive health bill all the time.

In the light of their claim to “God’s word”, they should be help to a higher standard. This should irk Catholics who truly believe that these bishops and priests are the conduits of God. Where are the Catholics holding them accountable for the lies that emanate forth from the pulpit?

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