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Heart, Art, and the Occasional Fart

As an alternative to the usual meetup format, FF spent its latest gathering getting our art on at The Collective, albeit early enough to have the warehouse-turned-hipster haven to ourselves.

As it was a pre-Valentine’s meetup, the group first discussed the notion of romantic love and the irrational behavior that it entails. Questions such as Would you die to save your loved one’s life?; Is monogamy the way to go?; and Is masturbating to another person’s image considered cheating? were asked, and generated quite heated discussions.

Afterwards, members showcased their creative skillz to the group:

There were quite a few guitarists in our midst, including Chris…


…and Mark.

The most endearing string-man of them all, however, was Philip, who played a little Spanish ditty for us on his old-skool octavina.

Not to be outdone, the more literary types also had their turn, starting with a scintillating string of culinary haikus from none other than the esteemed Theodocius Chang.

Reighben shared some impromptu verses from his cel’s Sent folder.

I read an excerpt from my short story “Yaya.”

And Ibyang performed a freshly written love poem dedicated to all the Freethinkers.

Despite the different format, last Saturday’s meetup was every bit an FF shindig, featuring a lot of smart, sexy people unafraid to share their passions.

(Photos courtesy of Jeiel Aranal, Patrick Charles Rigonan, and Hombrey Escalante)

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