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Lessons learned from You-Should-Have-Been-Aborted-Gate

“Your mother should have aborted you” easily ranks as one of the worst things you can say to a person. Everyone is probably allowed one or two incidents in a lifetime to completely go bonkers but an outburst like that certainly crosses all sorts of lines and for sure, umpires from all sectors would come to point it out.

Of course, one can’t be a Freethinker and not have a thick skin against the insults and all sorts of under-handed defamation by those who feel that they’re entitled to malign and just about cuss to their kingdom come those who don’t agree with their sentiments. Instead of focusing on the negatives, let’s stick to things that were surprising and somehow inspiring about the people who wished that our mothers chose to abort us instead.
Here are some things that you may have failed to see:
1. There’s a chance that they believe in time travel.

By wishing that our mothers aborted us, there’s a sliver of a chance that these people are into the idea of travelling through time and changing history as we know it. Then again they’re really into that already with the way they alter historical events a hundred year later with the brand of historic revisionism that only the Roman Catholic Church would dare pull off.
Time travel as it stands continues to be a very prickly topic among scientists and there is no consensus on whether it is possible in the sci-fi kind of way but yeah – we sure have seen time travelling sub-atomic particles thanks to the Large Hadron Collider. Good luck hitching a ride on that tram. I heard it’s hard to get tickets – believe me, I tried all of the ticket booking websites!
It’s astounding that the Church folk would have the audacity to revise the past and vaguely hint at a science that is perhaps centuries away from realization when they only managed to finally agree to the idea that Galileo Galeli was correct back in the 1600s.
As expected, the church was quick to note of this slight error. They corrected it just a little less than 359 years later – a very short time geologically and cosmologically speaking.  And of course you know that a bit on how great a Catholic Galileo was wasn’t that too far from the offing! (link to revisionist story).
But still, to be at the forefront of science for this group should be quite a new thing. Sure, Gregor Mendel was a monk but who has been the last major scientist to come out of their ranks?  Of course, they’re the who’s who when it comes to medicine and confusing people on what the hell they really mean. Good for them, right?
2. Filipino Freethinkers = Bagets

For our foreign visitors, bagets is 80s lingo for young people – those who are usually in their teens.
Apparently, we look young enough to be mistaken for teenagers. While we do have young people in our midst – we do need the underage whipping boys and server girls to ensure that our weekly baby-eating rituals are observed as seamlessly as possible – most of our members are pushing towards 30 already. Yes, that’s the sad truth. We’re old. A quick scan through our photos would show that we don’t look alike and yes, some were clearly more genetically-fortunate than most.
But yes, low balling our actual age as an attempt to flatter or discredit our wisdom might have worked as a strategy but all the talk of Satan, eternal damnation and the almost maniacal tirade at abortion in the end sure sealed the deal on who was being irrational. And oh, it was also great that you have a suave guy like Kenneth Keng doing the commentary on the video. Nuks! (He) was cool as a cucumber even with all the hellfire and brimstone being showered upon his party. But then again, some members from the other team sure like ’em “young” so I guessed Kenneth and the Filipino Freethinkers should be wary of future encounters.
On a serious note, a lot of those who went were offended by what the Churchfolk said. The mothers from the Democratic Socialist Women of the Philippines (DSWP) were clearly affected by those very harsh words. The Filipino Freethinkers probably weren’t since they all know that this is just a prelude to what eternal damnation is like. In fact, they hosted a party just to see who else is going to be there.
It’s exciting to watch this merry band of non-aborted-clearly-past-their-teenage-years hipsters. You just have to wonder what they’ll be up to next.
DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.