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Being Female and an Atheist

Since I have come out as a full-fledged atheist, I have experienced being bullied on the Internet.

I wonder if it has something to do with  men being misogynistic towards me. The two men who bullied me were flaming with anger, using capital letters and words of condemnation such as “YOUR SOUL WILL BURN IN HELL!!!” I take all of these with a grain of salt. I got used to it already.

I am also a member of an Internet group and recently came out as an atheist. Oh boy, only two of us against everybody. I am very confident now, debating with theists, but when they start to bully me, I feel it is because of me being a female. Is it a disadvantage being a female and an atheist? It clearly boils back to their god who is a misogyny. What else can I think of as a reason. Funny, my female friends get mad when we exchange ideas about religion, but they never bully me. In the end, they even appreciate a new knowledge/idea from an atheist.

Slowly, but surely, we are carving ourselves out in the humanity’s map.

I believe that you cannot sell a product without full conviction. I believe that if you truly believe in atheism, you can also preach it.

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