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Common sense is not so common

common senseWhat do you do when you see the train coming? Common sense tells you to stay away from the tracks.

What happens when you are short of cash? Do not spend.

It’s just common sense.

A lot of people have no common sense. They need people to tell them what to do. In the USA, the rich pay financial advisors to teach them how to invest. The obese have  to pay more money to nutritionists to teach them what food to eat. The wealthy hire personal shoppers to shop for them. People usually get an interior decorator to decorate their houses for them. What a waste of money. Why would you hire and pay people to tell you what to do? Why would you let people choose things for you?  This could be done by what you call common sense.

If you know you are overweight, you need to stop and examine what you are eating; if not, go to a medical provider to find out why you cannot lose weight. A normal person usually would maintain his/her weight if an adequate amount of food is consumed everyday which is proportional to the body’s requirement. The extra calories are stored if not burned by any activities. If your energy level is higher than your calorie intake, expect weight loss. It is common sense to eat less and behooves you to understand weight management without the help of an expert.

If your salary is just enough for your household, learn the art of budgeting and proactively make plans for your future. Why wait for a disaster to happen before saving? Why wait for a calamity to happen before setting some funds for emergency situations?

Do not waste your time and money or any resources you have at hand. Use your time wisely instead of talking to somebody to tell you what to do. Use your funds wisely by doing things on your own. Why would you pay an interior decorator to decorate your home? That means it is the interior decorator’s taste, not yours!

Why waste your time  going to church every Sunday, or maybe every Wednesday, Sunday or feast of whatever patron saint? In short, why waste too much time inside the church? Are you sure somebody can hear you besides the altar boy lurking in between the pews?  Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.  (Anonymous).

In my personal opinion,  we don’t need the Church to dictate what is moral because we have our intellect and reason to determine that.  We have mental faculties to decipher which behavior is acceptable or not. We are all rational human beings, capable of changing the world.  Each of us has about 100 billion neurons in our brain; why waste them? Think, think, think… the brain is a terrible thing to waste. Do not cloud your mind with ideas that do not make sense at all. Try some mental exercise and ask yourself, “am I using my common sense in my choices in life?”

Wake up, common sense is not so common, but choose to use it anyway!

Common sense is instinct. Enough of it is genius.

George Bernard Shaw

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.