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FF Davao Meetup – Dec. 23, 2009

The FF will be having its First Regional Meet-up in Davao City.

Date: December 23, 2009
Time: 6pm
Place:  Harley Blvd. Motor Cafe (2nd Floor)
Juan Luna St., Davao City
Tel. (082) 302-8986
Location Map: Google Maps

Meet-up agenda:

  • Introductions
  • Inspirational talk by Mikong, Ambassador for Davao 🙂
  • Miscellaneous discussions related to freethought and the vision/mission of the FF and FF Davao
  • Others (suggestions please)

Harley Blvd. Motor Cafe serves burgers: P60 for the ‘regular’ cheeseburgers with half-inch thick patties and P90 for their big burgers with 1-inch thick patties. They also serve rice and Filipino dishes. Most important of all, they serve beer and hard liquor.

Generally we’ll go dutch, but it would be nice if those financially-able freethinkers would add a little more to their share of the bill to lighten the load of our less-wealthy freethinking brothers and sisters.

After about two hours at Harley Blvd. we could transfer to Lyndon’s (along Roxas Ave.) and continue our bonding (and drinking) there while feasing on seafood and other pulutan (baked scallops, barbeque ribs, crayfish, grilled tuna belly, sashimi, etc.). Again, although we’ll generally go dutch, I would like to request the wealthier members to take care of some of the pulutan, which are very cheap at Lyndon’s by the way. I’ll personally sponsor 2 kilos of scallops.

We’ve been discussing this at the FF forum. If you have other suggestions, you may post it there. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.