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Why People Worship Money

BanknotesMoney is powerful. Money is generally good (to the one who has it). Money is everywhere (or more accurately, it is recognized almost everywhere). And those with the Money know everything, or at least they know a whole lot more than those without. More importantly, what they know are often things that would point them in the direction of even more Money.

Ah, Money. Almost omnipotent, generally omni-benevolent, virtually omni-present, practically omniscient. Money’s ‘omnis’ may have qualifiers, but its powers are unmistakably tangible and immediately detectable. And Money begets more Money. No wonder people worship it.

Now it is written in the Bible: The love of money is the root of all evil. But is it? How about Lust? Isn’t that a root of the evil of rape? How about Anger, Envy, Pride? Surely more horrid things had been done out of these than for the love of money.

Now I could almost hear the atheists say, “And even more terrible things like murder and genocide had been done in the name of god”. Well, I think ‘in the name of religion‘ would be more accurate. Because how can different people supposedly created by the same God receive separate ‘instructions’ from their ‘God’ to kill each other just because the other is an idolater or infidel?

And now I could almost hear the theists say, “But greater evils were done by Stalin and Mao who were all supposed to be atheists!” Well I think these atrocities had nothing to do with whether or not these leaders believed in God but rather on how they controlled their subjects in a cult-like fashion not unlike some religions – by striking the fear of death into their hearts. The only difference is that while the death the dictators deal is corporal, the death that religions use to threaten the unbelievers is eternal. I wonder which one is more effective in controlling legions and enforcing the leader’s will.

But I guess the more important question is, why do monarchs as well as religious cult leaders have to use the fear of death to control entire populations? Ah, for the love of money. And so while the monarch says, “Give me your money or else you will die”, the religious cult leader says, “Your money will only weigh down your soul and lead to your eternal damnation. Give it to me and worship me instead”. And while they talk about a Kingdom of God in Heaven, they are simultaneously building their own material kingdoms here on Earth – using their members’ money of course.

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