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October Meetup 1


Two weeks after God drowned our anticipated Blasphemy Day meetup with Ondoy the Obliterator, we’re dry and doing it again:

We recorded two podcasts, which I’ll be posting this week:

  1. Episode 3: Ondoy and Pepeng
  2. Episode 4: Dealing with Believers: the Boundary Between Respect and Rudeness

We discussed getting organized again, even registering with SEC to make things official. More on this soon.

Each of us pledged to write for our blog. This helps in our campaign to win next year’s Philippine Blog Awards, which we lost this year to an autistic blogger (ok, ok, I know: blogger advocating for those affected by autism).

And because I’m still sore from losing (we’re going to burn in Hell, can’t we at least get the packing award?), I’m giving away some awards that are way cooler and non-discriminatory toward atheists:

FF Meetup Awards (FFMA) Oct ’09

  1. Julius (Infolibertarian) – Earliest Bird award
  2. Tania – Most Jealousy Inducing T-shirt
  3. Igme – Man of Fewest Words
  4. John – Cleanest Cut and Closest Shave
  5. Tim (Twin Skies) – Newest Meetup Attendee (you owe us a hotseat story)
  6. Wella and Geri – Funniest Flood Story (flood reaching them on the 16th floor!)
  7. Monk – Better Late Than Never award
  8. Danny – Prodigal Son award (welcome back!) and Proud Father award(congrats!)
  9. Red – Most Suggestive Pose (sorry, running out of awards here…)
  10. Frank – Best FFFF Shirt (…and I’m out)

Do stay tuned this week for the podcasts and pledged posts. To those who have posts to pledge (or publish), please let us know via secretary at filipinofreethinkers dot org. And to those who don’t, at least leave us a comment sincerely assuring us that is still the best advocacy blog in your hearts <3

DISCLAIMER: The opinions in this post do not necessarily represent the position of the Filipino Freethinkers.