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A prodigal son returns.

It’s been a while since the first few FF meet-ups way back in February, and until a couple of weeks ago I haven’t been showing up around the God-forsaking crowd. From the beginning I wasn’t sure this was the sort of group for me anyway; I didn’t care for debating religious nuts, I wasn’t discriminated against for my beliefs or lack thereof, and I harbored no anti-religion sentiments whatsoever. I was perfectly alright with where I was, as I am now, amidst believers and non-believers alike, without having to constantly argue a point or post a quote ridiculing the ridiculous, so while FF was getting on its feet, I stuck around to see what other godless people were like. And then after a few mailing list and forum threads, I decided that I’d seen enough.

I’m back for the time being, because there are new faces, this time of those not quite as aggressive against religion but merely seeking the company of like-minded heathens. It seems the first wave of members were those from other atheist communities, used to mental pushing and shoving, pointing and laughing. This second wave, or trickle, seems more like a collection of people sick of walking alone or tired, as Cat put it, of talking to a wall. I can stand to stick around this bunch for a while.

[ And it really helped that the last two meet-ups were at Red’s place too, where Rock Band and Let’s Tap beat Starbucks chatter, and Tin’s delicious concoctions keep coming in waves. =) ]

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