[ONLINE] Meetup – 18 July 2020

Filipino Freethinkers Meetup 3pm (Manila Time) - Saturday 18 July 2020

Eradicate Poverty? Correct the Victim Mindset First

***Something I wrote a long, long time ago.  Just wanted to share this, considering that we're in the "season of giving"...

I wrote this with my uterus

If there's one thing I like about my industry is that the issue of gender hardly comes up. Sure, there was this disastrous "IT pageant" some people tried to organize a few years ago, but then the outraged reactions to it only serves to reinforce my point. I've never been referred to as a "lady programmer" or "lady IT consultant". If anyone were ever called that, our first reaction would probably be "Weird, I've never heard of the Lady programming language".

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